the “hope that in 2019 Historical can succeed”

“Badisches Tageblatt” (Baden-Baden): a Lot of loses importance in the light of the bloody conflicts of the millions of people death, poverty and displacement. Whether or not Syria, Yemen or Myanmar/Bangladesh: Ideological or religious delusion thwarted a humanitarian solution – the victims, especially children, lose their families, suffering from Hunger and your future. Anyone who sees pictures from these miserable regions, feel in addition to deep sadness, a feeling of Power and confidence. And yet, at the turn of the year should not diminish the hope that in 2019 Historical can succeed: making the world a little bit better – in both Large and Small.

“Why all the fun should be banned?”

Emder Zeitung”: Why should all the fun be banned? Whether driving a car, drinking alcohol, eating meat, or – currently in the discussion – new year’s eve fireworks. Every person must escape from the rut of the everyday and things like new year’s eve, a pub visit or a grill party in the summer to make it affordable for everyone. But unfortunately, many know how to appreciate such things only appear when you run up to the full escalation. As always, it is the excessiveness, the power from the harmless pleasure of a load. Then about curfews, Veggie Days, or fireworks bans are to be discussed, is sad, but no wonder. If you are looking to turn a new year’s resolution: Simply to fall back and try to appreciate the things themselves – and not only the sheer self-indulgence.

“If we are honest, it goes very well, very well, even,”

Weser Kurier (Bremen): If we for a Moment are honest to ourselves, then we are doing well, very well even. In other regions of the world Terror, war and violence rule daily. Alone respect and tolerance, freedom and peace, compassion and kindness are so infinitely important. There are the Strengths of our democracy. Nevertheless, the mood in Germany is, according to the Hamburg-based Futurologist Horst Opaschowski as bad as in the past five years. Because all of the cranky, stinky boots, and hateful in the social media is not entirely innocent. They are not only rare speaker, to the spread the only truth. On the other hand, the politicians are. How to emit a diffused denied by a heap of peace and balance, optimism be a living example, sending signals, to have everything under control, if regularly the question comes up whether a Black-and-Red for the next few months survive?

“2019 is for the Federal government is still unpleasant”.

“The new day” (pastures): The division of society is likely to fall short of 2019. The European election in may is always a reckoning with the Established. Also in the fall elections in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg, further political erosion that can arise from the diet. 2019 is for the Federal government even more unpleasant than the last year. The Chancellor Of the early retirement threatens. After the heat of the year, a politically extremely stormy 2019.

“Germany is strong, we can do this, but…”

“Münchner Merkur”: Long the Germans no longer have a new year bang opposite looked like this time. For the queasy feeling, there are many reasons for this: a government in crisis mode, the Brexit, the global trade storm, and, as if that wasn’t enough, the last time of the Crash on the stock exchanges. How may come: The Sleeve is aufzukrempeln better than despair. Berlin has enjoyed a decade the fruits of the recovery. It now needs to flip the switch, think again about how prosperity and security. There is much to do, starting with the holey infrastructure to external and internal defense of the state. This sounds simple, but requires nothing less than a 180-degree turn away from the big koalitionären Wish-you-what-policy since 2005. Germany is strong, we can do it. But we don’t have much time to start.

“Quiet Confidence that good examples remain in the minds and make a difference”

“Badische Latest news” (Karlsruhe): Confusing and turbulent years of the event have not only Bad: In them the Chance is higher, if later, the knowledge grows. The only Commonality creates strength. The rescue of the cave, the children of Thailand shows what power there is in a community that pulls itself together in the auxiliary thought to have been a supernatural power. And so in 2018 and ends in the year but in the quiet Confidence that good examples remain in the minds. And can make a difference – hopefully, once in the big politics.

“What’s wrong with that, if it is well-dosed fireworks?”

“Heilbronner Stimme”: What speaks against it, if they are welcomed with joy and positive mood for the new year? If one delights in well-dosed fireworks? Nothing. It is rather significant that we swing when fringe groups scream, the prohibition club. From the resulting threat of damage to industry and jobs. But if the when driving anyone ban interested in why you should be afraid of the firecrackers-prohibition back? More Serenity in the new year – a pious wish. But that would be the rule for the Construction of the Petit food is really the need of the hour.

FOCUS Online/Glomex Safe handling of firecrackers and rockets are the tips of the firefighters and NPP/dpa/AFP press review of the year, new year’s eve


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