As Mandie Stevenson of the British “BBC” said that she had applied for an online ESTA travel authorization, which allows citizens of certain countries such as the UK or Germany, to travel without a visa in the USA. The questionnaire of the personal information, however, is similar to the application for a visa – and here the British made a fatal mistake.

How it happened exactly, don’t know the 29-Year-old. She believes that when you Scroll to the Online questionnaire, the check mark is in place. It is, in fact, convinced that “no” is ticked, when she was asked: “Seek to participate in terrorist activities, espionage, Sabotage, or genocide, or, they have participated ever in such activities?”

The worst of all possible errors

As your ESTA application was rejected, was that Stevenson is a small disaster. The Trip to the USA was for the British part of their “bucket list” – she is suffering-namely, breast cancer in the final stage, as you said “the BBC”. The error is not caused only financial problems, but prevented perhaps their last Chance on the trip. In the US Embassy in London, they tried to clarify the Situation.

“I thought, because it was a real error, there is a simple solution,” said the 29-Year-old. “I was quite wrong”. Embassy employees explained to her thus: “this is The worst box that you could tick”. Stevenson had to apply for the equivalent of 350 euros for a visa and because of the long processing time your trip for just under 900 euros to rebook.

Not a real Terrorist ticked “Yes”

“America is merciless,” said the travel expert Simon Calder of the BBC. “Whenever this box is ticked is – for whatever reason – go and immediately the alarm bells.” He could not comprehend really. “Not a Terrorist, spy, or genocide-criminals would ever tick the box ‘Yes’,” says Calder. “I don’t think it does anybody with intention.”

it happened, but, standing immediately on the “list,” explained Calder. He recommends to organize, first the visa before the trip fix is posted. Stevenson came out relatively unscathed: she had to pay a lot of money to appear in several Interviews in the US Embassy and clear it all up – but after a few weeks, your visa has been approved. “I’m happy again and looking forward to the trip,” she said of the “BBC”. You want to see much and experience, before the cancer prevents you from.

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