The Munich state court. decision on the action of the Association of Social competition against the wife of a professional football player Mats Hummels on 29 April. The presiding judge Monika Rhein announced on Monday after the hearing.

The Association has sued Hummels because they had called in over a dozen Instagram posts for your are 465,000 Followers, the manufacturer of your shoes and clothing and the websites of the companies linked. The Berlin-based Association accuses her of unauthorized advertising. These contributions are of interest to our users today:

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  • Controversial Bust-electricity provider – 250,000 customers affected: BEV should contributions intentionally double

have debited “I’m not guilty,” said Hummels after the hearing. Your Argument: you have not received for these contributions is no consideration of the manufacturer and, therefore, it is from their point of view, advertising.

doubts as to the reasoning of the plaintiff

The presiding judge hinted that she, too, has doubts as to the reasoning of the plaintiff. In traditional media, references to products are allowed to be, and the followers was clear that it was Hummels’ Instagram Account is not private, but a commercial activity. “That woman Hummels – can’t be friends with all the love – with are 465,000 people in the world, is pretty clear.”

The Association is under the competition law, known for warnings and lawsuits. In addition to Hummels, the Association has been involved in the past few months Fitness Model Pamela Mature and other Influencers in legal disputes.

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