hope you find love where you least expect it. The magazine shop I trust today reported: Our basic law is a real racer. Clearly, the Foundation of our state can be read on the Internet. You can scroll through the basic law PDF. A App there are also. The Federal government sends to the basic law, on request, in printed Form, free of charge. But since November, there is our basic law, and also as a magazine. The original text, uncommented, only a little nicer. A couple of photos. Ten Euro tax. And: Our basic law is a Hit.

Four of the magazine the store had to reorder my confidence so far. Is bought the basic law, as a magazine also of young people. Because the are interested in politics – albeit differently than the older ones. According to current Figures, the “Handelsblatt” just charge, had chosen the so-called “Millennials” in the recent Federal election is different. In the case of the Generation from 35 years ago, the Union would be only 26 percent, the SPD even 18. Lost, the AfD, with eleven per cent. Would have won the Greens and the FPD, with twelve percent of the “Millennial”vote. And the Left had gained eleven percent. Policy is exciting.

But there are real reasons to look forward to the policy year 2019? GG/Reuters The Cover of the “GG – basic law magazine”

1. Yes, because there is no boredom.

Hardly German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sung in his new year address, the High song of the orderly Transition to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, since your shoots out of the Background already Wolfgang Schäuble in the way. At every opportunity, he rejects the public a “right of access” of the new CDU-Chairman to the Chancellor candidacy. You’ll be, dictated by the Bundestag Chairman of his party to the master book, “from time to time agree”. In clear text: Friedrich Merz remains in the race. The CDU, which used so beautifully to the challenge of intra-party democracy, is hardly going to be a candidacy from the top down. Certainly not by a Chancellor, under which the party has significantly the last to vote and consent will be lost. With a new Chairman, has made the leap to the top with only 18 votes. Uncomfortable like that. But it is also democratic. About the author – Josef Seitz

policy is much more than what politicians say. Of Josef Seitz is convinced. He has directed a regional newspaper, and a media trade magazine, was the editor-in-chief of some of the great TV magazines, head of Department and Editor at the news magazine FOCUS. For FOCUS Online, he developed a passion for what can be a policy, a topic that concerns us all.

2. Yes, because the policy year 2019 is the year of a Trust.

in addition to the European elections on may 26. May, there are still on the same Sunday Bremen Parliament elections, local elections in Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, the Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia. Is selected not only on the very top, for Europe. In order to vote, the parties and their people have to advertise where it is all about the proximity to the base. Here it will show where to build in this country actually trust.

3. Yes, because the Policy in 2019 will be a in the direction of year.

of The 1. September will be the state elections in Brandenburg and Saxony, the 27. October with the state election in Thuringia show, as it is with the people. And its to be elected representatives of the people, and the so-called people’s parties, to vote. According to the latest Forsa poll, the SPD has lost in Brandenburg, twelve percent since the election victory of 2014. Tied at 20 percent, the AfD, the CDU is at 19 percent, far behind. With his choice triad to the East of the Republic may strike up a new melody for the whole country. The sound specify whether or not Germany will in future prefer to movements and colorful coalitions to govern, as we see in Italy and France. Or whether the Union and the SPD sets the clock. The national parties are merciless, have been punished. In the ‘ 60s, the SPD and the Union arrived at the Bundestag elections together on about 80 percent of the votes, in the seventies even more than 90 percent. In 2017, it was 52.5 percent for the so-called major parties. More and more parties in the Bundestag, target groups, not the community represented. Whether that serves the common good, will be probably the most exciting in the direction of question this year in 2019. In the case of all dispute about it, we must not forget one. On top of our basic law, whether as brochure, PDF or journal, is: “The Dignity of man is inviolable.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit First survey in 2019: Three parties start with momentum into the new year policy, elections in 2019


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