As the Austrian news portal Kurier, should it have been a crime of passion out of jealousy. The police announced, they were both immediately prior to the act together in a nearby Café. Austrian media had initially reported that the Couple should already have a fight. This has not been confirmed, according to police.

In the past, the two persons were noticed to the guests of the cafes again and again as a bickering Couple, says the report of the “courier”. The man should be been more jealous. Should be gone in a quarrel is also a window pane to break.

eleven homicides this year

As the woman on Tuesday night, the Local left, followed the man, according to police. A few meters next to the cafe shots were fired then. The murder weapon seems to be the culprit, according to the current state of knowledge, to have illegally possessed. The police is currently considered a crime of passion. For more background to the relationship and to the weapon are currently being determined by the LKA Wien.

The incident is the eleventh homicide in Austria since the beginning of the year. In most cases, it was according to the current investigation, in order to relationship did.

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