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at the beginning of each coalition negotiations will be issued for all the negotiator from the tips of the parties to the Slogan that the contract should not be this Time, really too long. Maybe 30 or 40 pages, no more. The result, however, is 150 pages and more. How come?

Each group has the ambition, the importance of the policy field to underline the fact that a lot of this is written down. The also the own clientele expected to be outside the policy. The political party, which believes to get a specific Ministry that has the interest to as little as possible is written down, so that the own Minister is not bound by the coalition negotiations too much, unless it comes to money for this policy area.

The other party has the opposite interest. Since you don’t know in advance how the allocation of responsibilities will look at the end, the result is that a coalition will contract in length and longer.

the external effect of the coalition agreement

The coalition agreement has also an outside effect, not to the voters overall, but to individual groups of voters and their interest groups. So it was, for example, in the case of the last coalition negotiations are not at all controversial to support the Technical relief (THW). To the extent that you can’t not be mentioned. This would, however, have taken the Thousands of volunteers bad. And so a Passage was built to the THW.

Because such a topic is not just controversial, then such a Passage in the coalition agreement in General, Generalities and fine words such as “promote”, “support,” “strengthen,” etc., The not find, in turn, then the Concerned enough meaningful. After we had written this example to THW, any negotiator in the working group that, so far, nothing to the fire brigade in the draft of the coalition agreement, although the Federal government has almost no jurisdiction. Also of course could not be due to the external impact and due to the Balance of the THW. And so we wrote something Friendly to the fire Department.

All of the mechanisms are, why are coalition agreements are so long, without that it would actually be the content required. Because a coalition agreement is supposed to be a compass for the whole legislative period and for the important controversial issues find a compromise. He should be not a treatise on all kinds of subjects or social groups, just so no one will forget. Verlag Herder, The book “Rule – interior views of the policy” is in the publishing house Herder

the balance between

And then, there is the balance between different subjects and even between various aspects within a topic. So there was a negotiation phase with the Green in the “Jamaica”negotiations on the refugee policy. The passages for the Integration of finished goods and Substantially in agreement. The passages for the expulsion, however, were highly controversial and came so long, because many of the specific requirements, restrictions, and conditions have been formulated.

to change The negotiator of the Greens, Claudia Roth, was to extend the undisputed part of the Integration, without the content. On the grounds that the Congress of the Greens is exactly what would be respected, how well-balanced the relationship between Integration and deportation. And this balance must be measured in accordance with the line scope, because the dignity of counts of some of the delegates to the party Congress. So we did that and then the Text for the Integration of extended, it will not have anything on the change of the content.

editorial groups encounter resistance

each of the coalition negotiations, there is the Effort, the content in a beautiful language. This fails most of the time, because the compromises of the professional politicians are objectively formulated correctly, for normal people, but incomprehensible. The Attempts of the drafting group to change this is met with the members of the working groups on resistance, because of linguistic simplification, the compromise formation of the working group is not shown really. If in the working group for a long time to individual sentences is a struggle, then it is not accepted that any of the editorial group changed anything.

it is said in the coalition agreement with the SPD, and from 2018 in the first sentence to the subject of data protection: “In the platform, regulation of a sector should be pursued-specific approach.” This set is for normal people incomprehensible. Between professionals is the common terminology. What is meant is the following: platforms in this regard are Online services that offer a direct communication with the user, such as, for example, Facebook or YouTube. Between large and small platforms in between, which are many, and such, to collect a few data, which oriented the profit or for scientific purposes, do differences in legal regulations on data protection. This is what is meant.

For the reading of the coalition agreement, such phrases are not helpful. For the cooperation in the later government may be, however, quite useful because the professional politicians who have led the negotiations, to sit later in the daily coalition work together. And you know exactly what you have agreed. Now “Rule: interior views of the policy” of the “Thomas de Maizière order

conflict between readability and manageability

the conflict between readability and manageability is then solved in such a way that, prior to the coalition agreement, an introduction is written, the well-formulated, but little substantive reference to the complicated content of the Remaining contract. This is then perceived as a “Narrative”, as the great arch, the leitmotif of the new coalition and of the press commented on, but in the course of the government work of the coalition partners have not yet taken up.

The coalition agreement is more an inward-looking Instrument of control of the work of government as a werbendes document for a new government to the outside.

The coalition agreement is also so long because all Parties want to develop for all conceivable development in the future is a good solution. The experience shows, however, that the reality is addressed to a coalition agreement: In the first Grand coalition from 2005 to 2009, nothing in the coalition agreement for the financial crisis, in the coalition of the Union and the FDP from 2009 to 2013 was nothing on the Euro crisis. And in the last Grand coalition from 2013 to 2017, stand little or nothing to the terrorist and the refugee crisis. All of this was at the time of the negotiations cannot be predicted. It was then, however, crucial for the government.

the success of a government

A good coalition agreement is so important for the achievement of the government and as the Interpretation of controversial points between the coalition partners. The success of a government is measured not by the length of the coalition agreement, or a beautiful language, but after the successful work during the government time. Successful work is more than just the measures in the coalition agreement. This includes dealing with each other, which is the claim to rule the largest country in Europe, which is responsibly and seriously.

“Rule: interior views of the policy” by Thomas de Maizière appeared imVerlag Herder and cost 18,99 Euro.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit billing and processing: De Maizière describes the “heavy hour” with Merkel


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