In the preceding week had been about reported 140 infections less, at the end of January even about 300 less, it said on Tuesday on the website of the Institute. Previously, the NDR had reported on the increase.

most of The infections – a total of 71 were last week in the district of Pinneberg reported. Judging by the number of diseased people in relation to population, of the circle stone castle in the statistics.

How’s Hamburg?

In Hamburg, the Situation is currently much more relaxed than last year at this time, according to the health authority on MOPO-demand.

authorities spokesman Dennis Krämer: “in Total were registered this year, 172 influenza cases fulfilling the reference definition. For comparison: in 2018, there were 841 cases.”

*The article “Influenza: the district of Pinneberg, sniffles, and fever – how is Hamburg?” comes from Mopo. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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