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researchers possibility to use scrap tires makes sense

Monday, 12.07 PM: researchers have found at the Chemnitz University of technology a new way to use old tires makes sense. “About half of all scrap tires are becoming recycled, still energetic, so burn it,” explains Dr. Stefan Hoyer, a researcher at the Institute for lightweight structures, in a communication of the University.

The researchers want to use the Material, high-quality art materials. For example, floor coverings for cars or interior parts would be conceivable, which consist of up to 80 percent of waste tires.

The methodology: to zoom out Instead of the date the waste tires of coarse granules, and pressing with a binder, are mixed materials at the TU Chemnitz is now the finest of rubber flour with a thermoplastic. These so-called “thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds” are meltable and can be processed, for example, in injection molding of complex parts. The products is later considered that they were earlier.

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