the tabloid media gave Lewthwaite at the time, dubbed the “White widow”. While she did initially as you have known from the plans of her husband, nothing, popped them after 2005. Since then, news circles about them, especially from British intelligence. So Lewthwaite is said to have joined the East African terrorist militia Al-Shabaab, and is associated with several terrorist attacks in Africa in connection with, for example, the attack on a shopping Mall in Kenya in 2013, in which 71 people died.

several British media, including the tabloid “the Mirror” reports that there is new evidence to Lewthwaites whereabouts. The newspaper claims that this time had succeeded to the British intelligence services was a “crucial breakthrough”. Agents would have brought in experience that Lewthwaite was not staying now in Yemen, reported the Mirror, citing British intelligence circles. A source, according to the “Mirror” with the manhunt for the “White widow”, said to the leaf, the British it still the “number one goal” for the secret services. “We will catch you.”

Chaotic Situation in Yemen could your when diving to help

The “Mirror” reported, the most recent information about Lewthwaite came perhaps from a Person close to the woman. The Person was supposedly from an employee of the British secret service MI6 recruited.

Some of the “Mirror” is not further described in the sources feared that the 35-Year-old a new terror could be preparing to attack, probably in London. Further, it means that Lewthwaite had built in Yemen is already an Islamist network of contacts. In Yemen, a civil war has been raging for years. Since 2015, a coalition of Saudi Arabia, also a military Initiative against the Houthi rebels in Yemen, which calls for a lot of civilian casualties. The confusing political Situation is an advantage for Lewthwaite, to go into hiding, said a source to the “Mirror”.

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