you may have to leave the airport in Frankfurt after a search and identification procedures, reported to the NDR.

Who is the 31-Year-old, who joined the IS? According to the NDR information, Fatima M. was pulled four years ago with her husband and two children in Iraq to join the terrorist organization Islamic state (IS). The man died in battle, the sons did not apply for an air attack as a miss. A court in Baghdad, have you sentenced to a year in prison, is now serving.

2017 captured

Fatima M., who lived according to the NDR earlier in Detmold, had been taken in 2017 with other German women by Iraqi security forces caught. Lamia K. Mannheim was convicted of her daughter Nadia to life imprisonment, the then-17-year-old Linda W. of the Saxon Pulsnitz to six years in prison.

The NDR quoted the lawyer of Fatima M., Gabor Subai. Accordingly, the attorney General determined because of membership in a terrorist group and a possible war crime. The family is said to have lived in the IS area, in violation of international law in a house, the Christians had to leave.

according to The report, a warrant of arrest against Fatima M. is is currently. The Federal Prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe did not comment initially on the case.

us more

an investigation against IS return inside make often difficult, because the hurdles are high. So, it is not enough if the women have listened to the IS, but concrete support services for the organization must be able to be demonstrated. Especially in the case of women, this is often difficult to prove. Therefore, the authorities try to prosecute you for war crimes.

experts warn that women are often “the main carrier of ideology”. So could be among the women who returned from the war zone are also people who commit to the ideology of the IS to follow and are able to, also in Germany, attacks.

The Federal Prosecutor has already let five IS homecoming inside, you sit in detention. In two cases, charges were levied.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit The German girl, the one with 15 in the IS married hej/dpa


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