As the news portal “Metro”, the young woman was between the lunch hours in the hospital to visit their grandmother. In this time she left her two dogs “Tia” (13), and “Pippin” (11) alone in her house.

“It was terrible. As I opened the front door, skidded Tia to me. She is old and has skin cancer, it is as nothing to what she would do otherwise,“ said Davison.

“He was surrounded by blood,”

“Then I found the poor Pippin. He was surrounded by blood and when I touched him, he was cold and stiff,“ says the mother of a seven-month-old boy.

The police took up the investigation. “The summoned officials discovered a dog, the fatal injuries, the stab wounds resembled, had carried”, is quoted a spokesman for the police.

the Possible murder weapon discovered

Shortly thereafter, the police found the possible murder weapon in an alley behind the house. “I can’t understand how someone an old dog, wearing nothing Evil in itself, so something really Terrible,” said Sophie Davison.

Who has committed the act is still unclear. The young woman reported, “Metro”, that “there is no sign of a Einrbuchs”. “To think that just someone who has already gained access, is terrifying.”

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Without a “dog licence” must your four-legged friend in Berlin on the leash tiz


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