FOCUS Online: Mr Haberland, how do you rate to assess the decision in Munich, Diesel-driving bans in the face of less the limit values are Exceeded as not proportionate and therefore?

Michael Haberland : Munich as a model. This is a landmark decision that shows that it’s worth It when you fight back. I strongly recommend the city councils in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Essen, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, and the many other cities where there are already bans or threaten to do that as well. If driving bans are threatening, should be based on valid Figures and not on assumptions, mathematical models, and Fake measurements.

they have organised two demonstrations against the Diesel-driving bans. They believe that such demonstrations have little effect against the driving ban?

I Assume. Two days after we have announced in Munich the first Demonstration, Lord mayor Dieter Reiter announced that there will be no driving bans. A few days later, the decides, the Bavarian Cabinet under Markus Söder. So fast I didn’t expected to be a political Act even after the tough struggle of the last few months. But I am, of course, that worked in Munich, across all the parties in giving us this nonsense, saves remained. The “Deutsche umwelthilfe” has lost in Munich. A good Signal.

“There will be more Demos”

Are you planning further demonstrations in other cities?

But of course. In Stuttgart, every Saturday will be demonstrated. Iannis Sakkaros, the organizer of the Demos, and his colleagues are doing a great Job. The had up to 3000 people on the street. Stuttgart has a much larger suffering – of ordinary home about Vaihingen to Untertürkheim. Of Zone can be no question: This relates to the whole of Stuttgart and an estimated 100,000 diesel driver. Stuttgart is ruled by a green mayor with a green Minister of transport. With the goal – as I see it anyway – as all the cars out of the city. So this is still a long way to go. Therefore, there will be lots of Demos. As in other cities that are just beginning. Mobile in Germany, Even in Munich, there were demonstrations against the Diesel-driving restrictions

In Stuttgart, there was the case of the Demos, Yes Attempts, the events of the right and left politically to “hijack” the AfD or by trade unions. How do you make sure that your concerns remain more or less “apolitical”?

These Tests there is always. You have to look for a successful Demo, in order to convey his interests. We also had to Design a couple of whimsical. The majority, however, only for the rights of the Diesel and car drivers.

In München, there are efforts to make more areas in the city centre car-free, such as in the Isarvorstadt. You as an automotive club, a set for the drivers; but there must be a balancing of interests with those who want to have less cars and more public and / or Bicycle traffic. It’s not in the big cities a few. What you contribute to this balance?

There are two important modes of transport in cities: Public transport and car traffic. The example of Munich: Both are around 7 billion passenger-km provided in the year. Of course, a powerful transport system is very important; for example, it is good that Munich will finally be given its second S-Bahn trunk line. The bike I see something different. Cycling is nice, but as a mode of transport is comparatively a minor role. In the case of Munich are just three percent. It’s not about how many wheels there are. It’s about what is. Unfortunately, the decision as makers in the cities, often, completely wrong advice. This leads to wrong decisions and, inevitably, to the collapse of the traffic system. I’m afraid the remains of Munich, is not spared.

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