The couple Hummels is currently on a family vacation with son Ludwig in Dubai. Pictures from the beach, in Shorts, in Bikini, in a breezy dress, it gave some of Cathy Hummels on Instagram.

“according to him, already enough Bikini-images”

A series of photos and especially the comment stood out from the crowd and a conversation piece. Cathy is seen on the two shots in the sports dress with jacket. You wrote: “Guess who wanted me to wear a jacket. According to him, already enough Bikini pictures. Condition: jacket or no photo – then I prefer the jacket,“ she wrote provided with Smileys.

(App User here, please

For their Fans to click), there was no doubt, the desire for a jacket of Cathy’s husband, soccer star Mats Hummels, came. What was posted by the young mother, rather, the fun, made under the Instagram users prompt for a heated debate.

“we Are stuck in the 1950s?”

“Sorry, but this is something of the mark,” wrote a user. “How can you dictate to his wife in the year 2019, what did she wear? We are stuck in the 1950s?“

another criticized: “Are you his Barbie that he can wear according to his Desires? Is it your Account or his? Follow you here, thousands of young girls, what is the only get for a picture of a relationship that the man can decide about you?!“

“must you as his wife

to understand” Others welcomed the alleged desire for more clothing, Mats Hummels, however: “it is Well, a loving man who wants to share you hate,” wrote one user. Another comment: “you as his wife to understand and respect that. Your charms show only for Mats, and not to all men in this world.“

vortex to cleavage-censorship

in the autumn of the alleged censorship of a photo of Cathy Hummels by husband Mats for the blow had caused rows. The football star had shown a common picture of the two on his Instagram Account with a clear züchtigeren cutting of Cathy’s cleavage, as Cathy had done.

the current photo announcement can but can’t have been too serious about it, let alone the fact that Cathy has already posted again the next Bikini picture from Dubai.

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