Has become the formula 1 now “safe”? In the face of innovations such as Halo, or the Trend to larger and larger run-off areas, some Fans of the Royal class are of the opinion that the formula 1 have nowadays lost in some ways, their appeal. The series is not longer for the famous “Ride on the cannon ball”. Without question, the formula 1 is nowadays much safer than in the 60s or 70s.

“Of Motorsport and in particular formula 1 has become much safer,” confirmed Jackie Stewart, in the said decades, even in the king class of dangers – and in this time, many fatal accidents witnessed. Stewart knows how important it is that the security has been in the formula 1 now a high priority. But he also sees the disadvantages of the increased protection of the driver.

this development have ensured that the threshold is decreased in the case of many pilots in the past few years. The current formula-1 drivers bring, according to Stewart “on a regular basis in situations where a collision is almost certain.” Thus, the three-time world champion says not only Youngsters such as Max Verstappen for his aggressive driving has often been the subject of criticism.

Also, more experienced pilots tend to be, according to Stewart, “unfortunately,” more and more often to take collisions into account. “In the past few years, there was barely a first round or a first curve, in which there was no contact between at least two cars,” the Scot observed and explained further in an interview with ‘Motorsport-Total.com’: “In previous years, this could have a serious injury or even death.”

Today would have to fear the driver in such accidents, but hardly anything, which is why they would often take more “liberties”. Stewart, who was from 1997 to 1999 with a Team in the Premier class at the Start, especially the teams in the obligation, in order for this Trend to reverse again. Finally, and most importantly, the Teams would suffer in terms of the world Cup – having accidents in the start-up phase.

Today, it is nevertheless so, that the Teams will accept such accidents in a simple and even “” would expect. “This was not previously the case,” he explains. A harder crackdown of the Teams, when a driver throws away the race and possible championship points early on, according to Stewart, may, in the case of the pilots, again, a change takes place.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann, Co-author: James Newbold

*The post “Jackie Stewart criticised formula 1 driver with a go to be aware of major risks” comes from Motorsport-Total.com. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.



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