On Monday a week ago, the protesters had been arrested together with 20 other environmental activists, after they had occupied for dredging in the daily build. With the protest action, the activists wanted to demonstrate, among other things, against the final report of the coal Commission. Because the 11 women and 12 men wanted to call after her arrest for trespassing their identities, had requested the public Prosecutor’s office in Cottbus prison. In the meantime, 20 of the 23 detainees came again on free foot, after they had made information to your Person.

According to the exposure of the Left and Green to the legal Committee in the Parliament will be expected to be on 28. February with the theme employ. Background allegations against the police and the judiciary. According to Green and Left the protesters to have been detained for, among other things, five hours long, with wrist-cuffs in unheated cars without water and toilet.

dpa Jänschwalde, Welzow detention days of protest action in Cottbus men’s excavator, final report, arrest, public Prosecutor’s office Committee on legal Affairs police build


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