Before the ordeal by the Peruvian sand box Monsieur Dakar” Stephane Peterhansel took “a trip to Machu Picchu.

On the dry-stone walls, sitting in the French record winner of the grueling off-road adventure enjoying the stunning panoramic views over the world famous Inca city. On Peterhansel, last year’s winner Carlos Sainz, Challenger Sébastien Loeb & co. waiting with the kick-off of the 41. Edition of the Dakar rally on Sunday in Peru’s capital, Lima, an opaque challenge. “You have to find in the midst of this sea of dunes, this mountain of dunes to the correct passages,” said Peterhansel.

On the some 5,000 km and ten stages, the evaporated Odyssey are through to the final in Lima on the 17. January, the tracker asked. 70 percent of the time in a country, held dangerous PS-hunting lead the pilots through the Sand. “I like the dunes,” said the nine-time world rally champion Loeb. “The key to victory on this type of surface is to not stay stuck in the Sand.”

No question about it. And setbacks, the Frenchman has no desire. Loeb wants to conquer the Dakar in his fourth participation at last as the winner. The man from the Alsace, both at its Premiere in 2016 as well as 2017, in the standings. In 2016, he graduated after a Crash, the rally in ninth place, in 2017, he missed a technical fault, the Second just the overall victory at the classic that has always challenged people’s lives. Last year Loeb had to retire after an injury of his co-driver Daniel Elena in second place in the standings is lying.

“I’m still hungry for victory,” said Loeb. Following the exit of Peugeot in the world rally Star will not start for a factory racing team. With his Co-pilot Elena, he is up for the private Team PH Sport, which makes him once again a Peugeot.

New Teams after the withdrawal of Frenchman Peterhansel and Sainz, which are the Mini X-Raid Team from Hessen, under the contract. The South Africans Giniel de Villiers and his German Co-Pilot Dirk von Zitzewitz will start again for Toyota. “This is certainly not an easy Dakar, and we will have to work ten stages are long and hard. In doing so, we will have a lot of Sand in the shoes and also a lot of dust to swallow,“ said von Zitzewitz.

Since 2009, originally in Africa swept rally in South America now – for safety reasons and because of the terrorist threats in Africa. 9000 security forces in Peru for a smooth process.

And then a Team of 120 archaeologists and experts, as well as 400 in the past few months, trained support staff is there, as Minister of tourism, Mr. Rogers, Valencia said. These people, in turn, will monitor the Route, in order to prevent damage of the 17 archaeological sites on the route. It’s supposed to be a “culturally sustainable” Wüstenhatz.

For the drivers and their Co-pilots is only a marginal phenomenon. You want to finally land on the front of the pack. Experience helps with the orientation and the cope with the extreme conditions, but past merits do not count. “Just because I won last year, the Dakar will give me the extra minute,” said the Spaniard Sainz. You could say at the rally but just “never before, what is going to happen.”



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