The “world” is the report, which was authored by the “Berkeley International Framing institutions”,. In the introduction it is stated thus: “If you want to bring their fellow citizens to understand the added value of the ARD, and to stand behind the idea of a common, free movement of broadcasting company ARD (…), then your communication must always take place in the Form of moral arguments.”

Head of the “Framing institutions” is Elisabeth Wehling, the explains, and in Public, regularly works, such as “Framing”. A “Frame” in a structured and influenced the perception of reality in a certain way. The goal is to draw hot-debated topics in a certain desired direction, and thus the addressees of language to manipulate.

opinion is similar to that of a manual

Also, the ARD will now, apparently, with this technology, in order to convince more people from the public broadcasting service. So it is, according to the “world” in the report, which is similar to a manual set up: “to Think and talk always about the moral premises.” This is important, because people always feel addressed when it is “a matter of principle”.

it is Not advisable terms such as “state radio” or “ratio of funding”. Here, the authors of the report advise: “never (…) the Frame of your opponents.” Another example is to go to the heart: “you Say that you grew up with the program with the mouse and the sand men” – with the goal of making the ARD “approachable” and “authentic”.

cost of the expert opinion are unclear

The ARD Secretary General, Susanne Pfab stresses at the request of the “world” that the ARD had set in the course of the structural reform process, “what makes our social value in the digital age”. There are also arguments for the Public to understand. Already for some time, the ARD is working, what is the role of language games, Pfab told the newspaper. A concrete sum, which has cost the “Framing Manual”, answered the ARD neither “world” nor the “daily mirror”.

again and again, in Germany there are discussions about the licence fee. The fee is set by 2020 to € 17.50 per household per month. In the spring of 2019, the public broadcaster must notify the Commission to determine the financial needs of broadcasters (KEF), how much money you need for 2021 to 2024. Switzerland had decided in the spring of 2018, according to a violent Situation in a referendum to want the licence fee does not abolish it.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit GEZ on the Brink: These countries show that, even without the broadcasting fee hej


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