A Fiat 500 for 89 Euro a month and The new lease offer, raising funds discounter Lidl is to open up new customer groups with multiple properties. In addition to the low price, achieved through the use of limited configuration options, features dasAngebot by transparency and ease of processing. According to Lukas Steinhilber, CEO of the partners-Start-ups, is the Unique that customers could conclude a valid lease agreement in just 15 Minutes. Until the end of April, customers in a Lidl can lease Online Shop, one of the 1,000 vehicles.

The new offering is a logical development of the 2015 campaign for the improvement of the Lidl brand image. In addition to quality and a larger range, especially transparency regarding the current strategy at the heart of the would like to redeem the Neckarsulm-based company with its Leasing offer. Here, registration and transfer costs (for 89 Euro per month), or even all of the maintenance costs, the motor Vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance, as well as in addition, a set of winter tires (for a monthly charge of € 164) included.

In the gallery: Fiat 500C 1.2 Collezione 19 press-inform / FCA Fiat 500C 1.2 Collezione: the darling of the women’s, Lidl, and Vehiculum new ways

in stark contrast to other Leasing-market: Due to the intransparent discount and pricing systems of the manufacturer, it is for dealers and end-users is difficult to compare offers. Vehiculum would now like to make a car on lease as easy and convenient as Film or music streaming.

If a new Player with such disruptive business models coming on the market, this is a challenge for established providers. As the portal motor vehicle reported to operation, consider both Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Germany (FCA Germany), as well as the Fiat dealer Association legal action against the Lidl offer.

This reaction is understandable: Vehiculum determined by its digital offer always the best conditions. In addition, Lidl switches as a new distribution channel between the manufacturer and the end customer. It is a loss of control threatens: OEMs will be able to enforce neither their price nor their marketing objectives reliably.

proximity to the customer in danger

manufacturers will lose their direct Touchpoint to the users of your product data on purchase and usage behavior of end up with the middle-men and no longer as business-critical insights in the production. A great loss, because: Who knows less about its customers, can tailor its offer to you.

But it is only a loss of customer data, and proximity is not threatening. Profits are also characterized by a low price – and volume-control in danger. The very cheap Lidl Leasing deals for customers extremely attractive. How this can backfire, showed a runaway marketing campaign of PSA Germany with Sixt Leasing and 1&1. In 2017, customers who have completed a flat fee contract of the mobile service provider have received, for additional 99 Euro a month for a Peugeot 208.

The result: The sales increased, however, with very poor profit implications. As the car reported mobile week, dismissed the group because of the catastrophic results of three of the highest-ranking Manager. If, as in the case of Lidl, the manufacturer is not at such a low price-to-actions is involved, is the risk of a price decline the greater.

In the PCP’s father uses his child as a scraper and both have a lot of fun


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