Wednesday, 13. February 2019, 14.00 PM: An Aldi customer makes his way into geschimmeltes bread on the Facebook page of the discounter air. He had the two baguettes from the refrigerated counter to a day, after he had bought it, want to eat.

In this case, the date of minimum durability was not exceeded for a long time. In his Post he writes: “in All seriousness Aldi… this is a baseless impertinence.” To add to his Post, he is a picture of the two baguettes. The two Baguettes were packaged to look like on the image, separately from each other in opaque plastic. On two Baguettes you can clearly see mold marks.

Who now thinks that the Facebook users falls angry on the discounters, you are wrong. The authors of the Posts themselves will be confronted with a lack of understanding. A user writes: “My God, man can be upset about other things, convert and finish.”

another noted that the staff of Aldi had not sold maliciously, since they had no x-ray vision. Also, the Social Media Team of Aldi expressed, and wants to take care of the unfortunate purchase of your clients and advises him the Baguettes in the store to exchange.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit cheap-chains in Germany on the rise page 1 / 32 on the next page Aldi


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