was The culprit after the robbery on may 22. April 2016, with a three-digit sum of money fled. The police went without success to the man.

last Friday afternoon, a nineteen-year-old man rang the bell now in the case of the police inspection of Regensburg in the North: He confessed to the officers that he had robbed in April 2016, the gas station. These contributions are of interest to our users today:

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The shot gun that he had at the time threatened the cashier, however, had been sharp. His drugs have led him to the gas station to Rob no more addiction – now he was but dependent on.

man admits robbery case because he has found in the Christian Faith,

That he made his confession voluntary, was he, that he had found to the Christian Faith. The 19-Year-old could after hearing back home but will have to make a criminal case.

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