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man (65) reacts as a Stuntman, as his car to Slide device

9.57 PM: With Stuntman qualities has saved a motorist in the black forest. The car of the man was on a completely icy road surfaces in the district of Lörrach into the Slides. Just before the car crashed, a slope down, and several times rolled over, opened the 65-Year-old out the door and on the road, rescued, police said on Sunday night. The man was unhurt – his car should be to repair, however, too much: It is a property damage of about 20 000 Euro. “That sounds like a total loss,” said a spokesman on Monday morning. dpa/Bodo Marks fall of snow in Hamburg, The German weather service warns of possible ice on the roads.

He threatened to dry up: the rescue for giants-salt lake seam AFP A dog is in the Urmia lake along

31. December 2018, 08.43 PM: year to year, the level of the Urmia lake fell in the North-West of Iran, up from the former great salt lake, only a fifth was left. However, after 20 years, in the 5000 square kilometres of the lake by 80 percent has shrunk, it is possible for the first time,PUSH – Urmia lake in Iran, He threatened to dry up: One of the largest salt lakes in the world saved

is now The risk of losing the Job,, decreases

22 a.m.: the Federal Agency for work (BA) expects to 2019 new record levels of employment. “Unemployment continues to fall. The risk of losing his Job, is as low as it has been for years,” said BA chief Detlef Scheele, the “image”-newspaper. In the new year especially, people would benefit in the long-unemployed. The job centres are now equipped financially much better to advise you individually and to qualify.

dpa/Jens Kalaene the building of the employment Agency – job centre in Weimar.

However, it will on the good job market becoming more and more difficult to find skilled workers, said Scheele. “This is precisely why we will do everything we can to everyone who can work, to help to find a Job or help them to remain in the Job.”

Top performance without the need to Drill … Why in Finland, children happy at school

30. December, 18.46 at: for Years, made the pilgrimage to education experts and teachers to Finland, to explore why the children show a good performance, although there is no Drill as in schools in Asian countries. But recently, the Finnish students have stagnated. Why is that and what has made the Finnish success at all, is not easy to understand. We pay them a visit at a school near Helsinki.

14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

FOCUS Online launches a new and constructive Reportage series. The target: perspectives for Germany’s social and societal future. What other countries do better and what you can learn Germany from international models? To find answers, travel 14 FOCUS-Online-a Reporter in 14 different countries.

All previously published stories can be found here. Online

A review in 2018, courage, power

28. December, 20.16 at: wars, natural disasters, political and social turmoil – you can look at 2018 as a year in which much has gone wrong. In doing so, we easily overlooked that there were in the past twelve months, any amount of events, which were admirable, happy to have made, and hope. We have 18 stories collected, the courage.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Boy plunged almost to death because of the father, “pokemon Go” – was now his mother

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