Less is not more, or as it is Bayram Koc puts it: “The Crucial thing is the size, but the Essentials is crucial.”

Koc is the managing Director of the company Imperial vehicle in the Westphalian town of mountain ash and has detected a few years ago the Trend to downsize to smaller vehicles, has also reached the motorhome and caravan industry.

With a spirit of optimism and Roadtrip-Desires

2015 Koc was with the prototypes of the Teardrop Caravan on the move, by 2016, the first hand-made sale of the model was done: a drop-shaped caravan in the dimensions of a small car, and thus far more compact than an ordinary caravan. These, as well as mobile homes are getting smaller and smaller.

The caravanning industry Association (CVID) has been around for years, that more and more compact vehicles are offered, but according to managing Director Daniel Onggowinarso the Trend is coming to a head. “We see that people want in a vacation apparently the Road trip, and character, and not so long stay in one place. To do this, especially more compact vehicles that are easier to act.“

The compact teardrop shape Mini-caravan

Kocs concrete idea, however, is ancient: “The Teardrop shape already existed in the forties in the United States.” Re: Emperor’s vehicles was the first manufacturer who realized the concept in Germany. There is the Kulba Teardrop a similar trailer – the cooking line, also under the tailgate, this with of 3.34 metres in length, very compact housing produced car in Latvia.

With the Mini-K Family from the Czech Republic and the Caretta 1500 from Turkey, there are other competing models. A true light weight empty 470 Kilo weighing steel drop with stainless steel outer skin is from the Ukraine. Reuters/Imperial automotive Trend in leisure mobile: Compact dimensions for caravans, such as the Teardrop Caravan, of the Emperor.

Also long-established manufacturers take the compact trend. So Adria has the Aviva 360 DD from 11.900 euros in the program, the outside length of 4.14 meters without drawbar, empty 740 pounds, three sleeping places, is also a cassette toilet and a shower / tub combination.

a Smaller space is not available for waiver

Dethleffs Caravan-dwarf Coco is a little bit bigger. The brand advertises with an overall length of 4.60 meters. The 18.800 Euro and an empty weight of 700 pounds listed caravans sleeps two, in addition to a living room and a bathroom, the Kippwaschbecken however, only from a space-saving and a cassette toilet. Also the Touring Eriba, a model in Retro-Look, remains under the mark of five metres, and offers up to four sleeping places.

According to the CVID, the new smaller living do without cars, especially in the case of the traditional brands on hardly anything, what it is not is also available in larger models. “The smaller room does not constitute a waiver,” says Onggowinarso.

suitable for Everyday use Vans on the rise

in the Vanbereich’ve done a lot of things. More and more the base vehicle manufacturer. The Pössl tag of Citroën space Tourer with pop-up roof, this property is located in baptized, as an Alternative to 7500 euros more expensive VW California shows. In Fiat not everything has to be based on the Ducato, the Talento in the minibus format it as a Camper – from Karmann-Mobil.

Nissan is offering the five-meters-long delivery truck NV300 as a camping-grade Michelangelo with bed module and a kitchenette. The well-4,50 Meter-ultra-compact Nissan Evalia can be found as a tag, however, only in the case of small specialist firms. A reason for the campers become more and more popular on Van-based wax, looks Onggowinarso also in its dual usability: “they’re different than large motorhomes for the everyday use – the children of the school to pick up the weeks of your purchase.” dpa/Sarah Kastner, Daniel Onggowinarso is the managing Director of the caravanning industry Association (CVID).

Mobile Expansion and offers for cyclists

And also a type of vehicle deeper the Camping grows offer: VW advertises the 4,53 meters short Caddy Beach with Sunbeds and outside of the tent as a “small, mobile apartment”. On the Basis of the 30-centimeter-long Caddy Maxi as the Expansion of Reimo, then you get even cooking facilities, sink, table and cabinets. To get also in the case of special commercial: retrofit sets with bed, wardrobes and kitchen modules for the trunk of Minivans such as the VW Touran.

The Danish company Wide Path Camper also takes cyclists into the visor: The eponymous vehicle is a from 1.50 meters to 2.80 meters extendable 45 Kilo weighing Mini caravan for the bike, which offers around two times less than a metre measuring bed module that can be converted to bench and dining table. The optional kitchen package includes oven, ice maker, washing-up bowl and a foldable water tank, solar cells, and USB Connectors there are.

caravans and motorhomes have a 12 percent increase in

The enthusiasm is palpable: The Caravan industry had recently reported on the Stuttgart travel fair CMT from your Boom. 2018 71.186 caravans and motorhomes were registered in Germany for the first time, a growth of 12.5 percent in comparison to 2017 – a Trend to continue to 2019.

So the Hamburg trade fair has expanded the exhibition space for the Camper on four trade fair halls. To whom the vacation inspirations in Hamburg is not sufficient. more ideas at the world’s largest tourism fair ITB of 6 to 10. March in Berlin to get.

In the PCP are the favourite holiday destinations of the Stars ll/dpa caravan honey production Less is more Koç Holding Bayram Imperial automotive ash mountain Trend caravan chemical toilet Kocs Dethleffs place to sleep the form of drops Aviva dimensions trailer outside length Karmann Latvia pop-up roof


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