Even without a European championship or world Cup: The football year 2019 promises to be extremely a lot of tension, especially at FC Bayern. In the AZ Sport1-Experte Marcel takes a Mature position to the eleven theses from the master battle over Kovacs future to Hoeness’ re-election.

1. FC Bayern is champion! Mature: “Not in this season! The residue can not catch up with Bayern. To do this, Dortmund is too strong, the other teams in the upper regions of the table. It’s not Frankfurt, Gladbach – but these Teams are the buffer for the BVB, because you prepare the Bayern problems. There is much to Dortmund, because they have won in the first half of the season games you can’t win normally, your good games, you win anyway. Sometimes sitting in coach Lucien Favre on the bench and shakes his stunned with his head and grins, because his boys and children play football, nothing to do, what he actually tactically planned to do – but it works.”

Reif: No Alternative to Kovac

2. Niko Kovac will remain until the end of the season the coach of Bayern! Mature: “I don’t think so, if it goes completely down the drain. But that can’t happen with the quality in the squad, the team must tear just a bit. The Bayern bosses would intervene only when, in the spring, suddenly even fourth place, so qualifying for the Champions League would be jeopardised. I think you will pull through this with Kovac – there are not so many Alternatives on the trainer market.”

2016 coach of Eintracht Frankfurt: Niko Kovac.

3. Bayern come to the Champions League final! Mature: “Which would put together Christmas and Easter. However, everything speaks. There are strong competitors who work. Juventus has tried the Ronaldo Transfer a hell of a story and the runs. Because of FC Barcelona plays the best football for years. With the old men of Real Madrid you always have to expect, especially in the European Cup. Not to forget Manchester City with Pep Guardiola.”

4. For the first time, Bayern are more than 100 million euros for a player! Mature: “sure! If you want to change the squad and not to be a training and Vendor want to, you have no other choice. The market is nowadays. Of the player you can get for a sum that needs to function immediately. Bayern has, in comparison to BVB is no time, young talents go at it. Probably the 100 million are almost expected for a player of Bayern sense and you.” the (also read: report – Bayern increases offer for Chelsea gem)

5. Hoeness is voted out of office in 2019, as Bayern President! Mature: “no, that is not feasible. He would not permit the Association. And didn’t deserve Hoeness. When he realizes that the Wind turns, he would resign. I wish him that he evaluates things that happen in a clear and sober. The last General Assembly has made it clear to him that things change, also in the perception of the Association. The question is: Will he adjust and call, or the quote Hoeness – ‘not my FC Bayern’?”

Ex-commentator and TV pundit: Marcel Reif (li.), in the case of a game in the Swiss Super League. Mature: Gladbach is Second ahead of Bayern

6. Favre crashes in his second season with the BVB! Mature: “If Dortmund is in may master and it is defined then the following year second place as a crash, then Yes. But there is also always the question: How does Dortmund, and the combination with the competence of a team? Favre is a great instructor, one who makes players better and developed. But if you do not stay at BVB in mind, and the championship should proclaim as the only goal, then there’s problems.”

7. Gladbach is with Hecking Vice-champion! Mature: “Conceivable, because of the good old coach Dieter Hecking has become a good, new Hecking. He didn’t say: Only I know how to do it and all of you guys. No, he has recognized: The only one who must change here, I am. My highest respect, I take my hat off to. If Bayern let, Gladbach in Second. The squad is good, but not a master-roster.”

8. Eintracht Frankfurt will win the Europa League! Mature: “as long As the Frankfurter, considering the competition from the start, as a lot of fun, their carefree attitude and temperament, you can torture in Europe, all the big Teams – even to the end. For the high-flying Eintracht Adi Hütter is partly responsible, a super Trainer, a super guy.”

Mature: The VfB Stuttgart is not increasing from

9. Nail man fails after his exchange with RB Leipzig! Mature: “no! Nail man is a really good coach, and an increasingly self-conscious type. The question is: How does this work in the future with Ralf Rangnick? This fits together? Is Rangnick may have a say in how much, when, how? Nail man is going to have knocked the in the run-up to and discussed.”

10. Hertha reached the Champions League places! Mature: “you Can, Yes! To do this, Hertha would have to, however, are still constant and also games that are not so good, a draw play, or even time, 1:0 over the time choking. Place is pretty open this season, apart from Bayern need to save to get there. Dortmund is exceedingly successful, then Bayern, Gladbach and Frankfurt – is so difficult, but not impossible.”

11. The VfB from rising in spite of coach Weinzierl! Mature: “The two newly promoted Dusseldorf and Nuremberg have it the hardest – unromantic, but this is so. The two have a chance. Stuttgart, by contrast, played in the first half of the season under your options, save up at least in the Relegation. With the squad that actually has a good mix, won’t you come down square of ten should be the Minimum. Also Hannover is not so bad, but now they are stuck in the quicksand of the relegation fight.”

This article was written by Patrick Strasser

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