Throughout human history, we have followed a course that has naturally led to us developing currency. Ever since the first pair of people decided to make a trade, they unknowingly created the concept of an economy, and we have only further refined it since then, and crypto shows us just how much we have progressed.

Starting with barter, people exchanged goods and services by judging their value relative to each other, but currency took that concept a step further. We eventually moved on to gold-backed currencies, and now we have the Federal Reserve powering the world’s de facto currency: the US dollar.

However, cryptocurrency promises to move us away from this centralized way of looking at money, but it is dependent on people choosing to adopt it, as with any form of currency. Despite early doubts, people like Mason Soiza are seeing their efforts rewarded for having faith in this new way of defining money, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Before we get into the details of how cryptocurrency has beaten the odds and made it to the point at which it currently finds itself, let’s lay out the groundwork. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that works through a decentralized blockchain or another kind of ledger.

The benefits of cryptocurrency include improved security and the decentralized nature of the system itself, though that is also a reason why it requires early adopters like Mason Soiza. The more people who start using cryptocurrency, the sooner we can start moving away from forms of currency that aren’t controlled by the majority.

Crypto promises a more egalitarian society, and while there are still some obstacles to its widespread adoption, it can make for a superior and more secure form of spending. The advantages of crypto line up with Mason Soiza’s vision that everyone should have equal opportunity to make their own success.

Who is Mason Soiza?

Mason Soiza is an entrepreneur from England who has been described as “the next big thing in the tech industry,” and has gone to immense lengths to prove it. At the age of only 24 years old, he has admitted that he has achieved more than he ever expected, and most of it came from hard work, but smart investments like those he has made in crypto have kept him at the top.

Having adopted Bitcoin after hearing about it early on, Mason Soiza steadily built up his reserve of tokens and made a steady profit off of his investments. Beyond using Bitcoin trading to his financial advantage, Mason Soiza also made sure to spread awareness about it and altcoins.

Mason Soiza has affirmed his faith in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a long time, proclaiming that they are the way of the future. He has stated that he would like to see other successful people in his field promoting cryptocurrency so that more can be inspired to adopt it.

The Future of Crypto

Despite Mr. Soiza’s faith in what cryptocurrency can accomplish, it is still a highly volatile market, and it can be a risky investment for those without the capital to make up for their losses. Over the course of the past couple of years, Bitcoin has also seen some major losses, which has shaken some early adopters’ resolve.

Despite the recent drops in the price of Bitcoin, Mason Soiza has remained steadfast in his assertion that crypto is a superior form of currency. Even doubters have to concede the point that crypto is far from gone, and it has remained rather stable since the crash caused by China’s ban.

A Possible Resurgence

There are plenty of economics experts who have reaffirmed their faith in cryptocurrency, and many are predicting values to rise steadily throughout 2019. While only the future will be able to show us what’s in store for crypto, pioneers like Mason Soiza are willing to take the risk.

While there are those who will argue that cryptocurrency trading merely exists to make individuals richer, some will argue that it gives the market the large-scale exposure that it needs.


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