The digital area, the competent Vice-President of the Commission Andrus Ansip after the agreement satisfied that the EU States had found at the copyright again, “a common voice”. He now hope for a “final agreement” in the coming week, wrote Ansip in the short message service Twitter.

Germany and France had agreed on Tuesday on the compromise. According to information from the EU was taken over circles of this Text to a “small technical Change” is almost unchanged. According to the agreement reached by the EU countries should now start negotiations with the European Parliament and the EU Commission. According to information from Brussels, these discussions should take place on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Germany and France had until a few days ago, no unified Position on the highly controversial article 13 of the Reform, which the EU consultations blocked since January. It is intended to create an incentive for Online platforms such as Youtube, art, and media professionals to be remunerated for your content better, and be obliged to remove content from the authors, no licences have been granted.

Germany wants to reach Start-ups from duty exclude

Germany wanted to that small companies and Start-ups are exempted from the obligation to filter for content that has been provided. This France refused. After the compromise company for exceptions must meet three criteria:

you must be at least three years , your sales must be less than ten million euros and number of users must be under five million per month .

companies that exceed these Thresholds have to filter the downloaded content according to the license holders provided lists, and prevent non-approved works will appear again on your platform.

European media, journalists and publishers ‘ associations were contacted in late January in a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and French President Emmanuel Macron and the challenge is to overcome the Blockade. FOCUS Online / Shuang Liu DLDaily

digitalization has changed Germany for the better, if we get it right.

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