The mysterious death of a mother on new year’s eve in Schönberg (Schleswig-Holstein) according to the findings of the investigators on a gunshot wound – and not on illegal fireworks.

In the case of the metal shards in the head of the 39-Year-old, there were parts of a projectile of unknown caliber. “After the autopsy, we go out with a high degree of probability that the woman has been killed by a gunshot wound,” said the Kiel chief Prosecutor Birgit Hess on Thursday the German press Agency.

“Here, a model was after new year’s eve of course,

swept” The 39-Year-old wanted to enjoy new year’s eve with her husband in front of the door the fireworks, but after a few minutes, the mother of three young children collapsed. In the case of emergency surgery, Doctors found the shard. First, it was believed that the fatal injuries were caused by illegal fireworks.

Prosecutor’s office and homicide investigate further because of the suspicion of Homicide. The backgrounds are still unclear, said Hess. A hot track it will not give in the case. A cartridge sleeve or the like was not found at the scene, said police spokesman Matthias Felsch “Kieler Nachrichten”. “A model was new year’s eve, of course, swept, said Felsch of the newspaper. “It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.” Carsten Rehder/dpa police officers secure the crime scene and are looking for a 3D Scanner (to the left in the picture) to the shot direction

police are looking for witnesses.

On Thursday, interviewed officials in the Plön situated Schönberg once again, local residents, and secured evidence at the crime scene. In the afternoon, by combing a use-hundreds of police in the area. Also a 3D Scanner of the land office of criminal investigation of Hamburg, was used to generate a virtual Image of the crime scene. In this way, the investigators hope to draw conclusions on the direction from which the shots came.

the public Prosecutor and the judicial police are also looking for witnesses to the incident. Those who stopped between 00:00 and 00:30 on new year’s day in the vicinity of the area of the Goethe road, herd road and Probst eggs Allee in Schoenberg, and something Unusual has been seen, is asked to put the number 0431 160 33 33 with the criminal investigation Department in connection.


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