A senior North Korean Diplomat is according to the South Korean secret service for several weeks, disappeared. The current whereabouts of the business carrier of the North Korean Embassy in Italy, Jo Song Gil, and his wife was unknown, said Deputy Kim Min Ki on Thursday, according to Reports by South Korean stations. The secret service got him and other members informed behind closed doors about the case. The South Korean newspaper “JoongAng Ilbo” had previously reported that Jo had asked at the beginning of December for himself and his family for asylum in a third country.

‘ve been no contact with the South Korean government

according to The paper, Jo took advantage of an obvious opportunity to sell, after him, have called for the government in Pyongyang. He was under the protection of the Italian authorities. If he wanted to settle to South Korea, was unclear. According to the information of the intelligence service, Jo and his wife had already left at the beginning of November the Embassy grounds with an unknown destination. There had been no contact with the South Korean government.

From the circles of the Italian Ministry of foreign Affairs said that the Ministry “had been informed some time ago” about an exchange of Embassy officials. An asylum application of a high-ranking diplomats have not given it in the past few weeks.

the highest Diplomat Would be for 2016, whose escape was reported

As the South Korean transmitter, and led Jo since October of 2017, in the interim, the Embassy in Rome, after Italy had referred to the actual North Korean Ambassador Mun Jong Nam after the sixth nuclear test in the country in the month prior to that of the country. On the question of whether the Diplomat was not staying more in Rome, the foreign Ministry in Rome no answer.

Jo was the highest Diplomat of the well-isolated country since 2016, whose escape would be known. At that time, the Vice North Korea had deposed African Ambassador in London together with his family to South Korea. Reports on the escape of high-ranking North Korean government officials are rare. South Korean media had reported in the past year, since 2015 an unspecified number of diplomats from North Korea came to South Korea.

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