you wanted to enjoy with her husband in front of the door, the new year’s eve fireworks, but after a few minutes, the mother of three young children collapsed and killed – the mysterious case of Schönberg near Kiel now holds office of the public Prosecutor and police in a breath. “In the emergency surgery the Doctors found a small metal shard in the head of the 39-Year-old,” it said on Wednesday in a message. “According to the current investigation, the injury should not be caused by commercial fireworks.”

The Kiel public Prosecutor’s office and the homicide division of the criminal investigation now in full swing because of the suspicion of homicide. Officials interviewed on Wednesday, local residents, coroner examined the corpse, forensic technicians examined the metal objects. Results were not available until late in the afternoon.

police are asking for any information

According to the accounts of the office of the public Prosecutor and the police, the woman was Watching the fireworks with a blood head wound collapsed and is no longer responsive. A rescue, she brought the car in a Kiel hospital, where she died a little later.

prosecutors and police are now looking for witnesses. Anyone who has watched new year’s eve between midnight and about 0.30 PM in Schoenberg in the range of Goethe road, herd road and Probst eggs Allee someone handing non-commercial fireworks, or weapons should report to the police.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit fire tornado sweeps across the beach in The Hague over flr/dpa


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