no one was interested in it, said Coixet on Wednesday in Berlin. Then you’ve found a production company that had the idea of the project to Netflix.

coixet’s Drama is told in Black-and-White images of how two women fall in love around 1900 into each other. Several cinema operators were required to show the Film at the Berlinale, only out of competition. Behind the debate about whether streaming services should go to film festivals to award the race or not.

Film in the cinema operators in criticism

cinemas in fear of their business, when movies win, but then quickly online. The festival Directors, and even Netflix had pointed out that the movie is supposed to come in Spain to the cinema.

“He will also run in Spain in cinema,” said Coixet in Berlin. If he’s over in Spain well, hope that the movie also in other countries in the rental. In Brazil there is already interest. “We need to really push the thumb.”

you think it is unfair for the Story and the two women, if you want to see the Film out of the competition permit. “No, it’s vibrant culture,” said Coixet. You’ve only had a small Budget and the Film within four weeks of shot. Actress Greta Fernández said, the Good thing about Netflix is that a lot of people could see the Film.

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