After a serious accident on Thursday between Cuxhaven and the island of Neuwerk, the animal rights activists of Hamburg’s Senator for economic Affairs, Michael West Hagemann (independent) and the Cuxhaven district Kai-Uwe Bielefeldt demanded a watt-drawn carriage ban. “The animal rights organization is warning for many years against the risks in the use of horses in front of carriages,” it said in a press release. Previously, the newspaper “die Welt had reported” about it. After that last year in Germany with a total of 33 horse-drawn carriage accidents are killed ten people and 62 many were injured, including heavy. In addition, four horses were also killed and four more hurt animals. By far the most common cause of accidents is that the horses scared. According to Peta, accidents with carriages are so rich because of the “backup missing devices such as seat belts and Airbags”, the lighting poor, and the braking systems were inadequate.

In Schleswig-Holstein will be offered a carriage ride with a horse and cart through the Watt from Nordstrand to Hallig Südfall between April and October.

dpa Peta Watt animal rights organization Cuxhaven Neuwerk accident animal protection Bielefeldt Südfall Hamburg district Hallig horses the cause of the accident Nordstrand brake system of Schleswig-Holstein lighting Germany


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