For a More in the next year, a good value would be important. For Jordi and Pilawa, it is the appearance of the third joint new year’s Eve.

  • “The new year’s eve show with Jörg Pilawa”: Live-Stream of ARD 3 months TV game movie, live for 6,99 Euro + Amazon voucher (display) Now offer secure and “The new year’s eve show with Jörg Pilawa” stream

“It’s secured the last contractually new year’s eve show,” said Pilawa in an interview with the German press Agency. “Whether it goes in the next year, we will decide at the beginning of 2019.” The “new year’s eve show,” once went from the “new year’s eve stadl”, a Euro-vision show, hosted by the Austrian, Andy Borg, of the partner station from Germany, Switzerland and Austria had separated.

“new year’s eve show”: The Format was, once again,

filed In “new year’s eve show” with Pilawa (and Jordi) was filed before the third edition. “We have worked on the Format,” said Pilawa. “We pull from Graz to Linz. It is a total festive.” You have asked the viewers to send their personal, magical moments of the year by photo or Video, to be presented in the Show.

From Schlager and Evergreens, Rock’n’ Roll and Swing is everything. Among the guests The Rubettes, Middle of the Road, The Baseball, Linda Fäh, Magic Maxl, Peter Marve, Tom Gaebel, Kristina Bach, Florian Ast, Vincent Gross, Lollies, Dance Destruction Crew, Semino Rossi & Nik P, the philanderer, The Seer, the Paldauer, and Helmut Lotti.

In the Weather Channel snow, strong wind and temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees with dpa


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