The Republican majority in both houses of the Federal government had blocked the project so far. In the midterm elections in November, the Democrats gained in both chambers of the majority. Governor Andrew Cuomo put the bill into force immediately.

According to his words, the right to abortion in the state of New York would be thus secured, if the now conservative-dominated Supreme court of the United States would overturn the landmark ruling Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 abortion with impunity.

The new law allows abortions up to the ninth month, when the health of the mother is endangered or the Embryo is not viable. The health are not defined threats in more detail. In addition to Doctors, Medical Assistants, midwives or nurses are allowed to perform abortions – for example, with the help of drugs. In addition, insurance companies were obliged to pay for contraceptives.

In New York, with the majority of abortions

Previously, abortions were after 24. Week of pregnancy is illegal except the life of the mother was endangered. New York is one of the U.S. States where the most abortions. 2016 82.189 abortions were registered.

the Republican representative said that the new law would facilitate abortions, especially in late pregnancy. Lifers demonstrated against the decision. “Embryos feel pain,” on a poster. The “New York State Right to Life”Committee, an organization of life activists, predicted that Doctors and nurses who refuse to abort unborn babies, in the future, their jobs could lose.

Church reacts in horror

With horror and Protest of the Catholic bishops in the U.S. state of New York, reacts to the decision of the Senate. The law violates the rights of those who are most vulnerable, wrote cardinal Timothy Dolan on Thursday in its official Blog.

The New York Archbishop criticized, in particular, that doctors who refuse to have an abortion at such a late stage, for ethical reasons, must rely in the future on their freedom of conscience. “And babies that survive the scalpel, the saline solution or the suction bell, can be without any care to die.” He posed the question: “Is this progress?”

Bishop is threatening the Governor with excommunication

The Bishop of Albany, Edward B. Scharfenberger, the question of the excommunication of New York’s Catholic Governor, Andrew Cuomo, into the room. Although the Democrat called in his recent speech on the situation of the state on its Faith and Pope Francis, to horrify with his “support of extreme abortion the Teachings of our Pope and the Church completely”, – quotes the private, Catholic media network CNA from the Letter.

The Catholic conference of the state of New York spoke thus of a “sad Chapter”. The Federal government is now a more dangerous place for women and unborn babies. The law allows that in addition to Doctors, Medical Assistants, midwives or nurses to perform abortions – for example, with the help of drugs.

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