The city Council decided on Wednesday after a detailed discussion of an application for the final in the year 2021. “I think it is right for Munich, that we apply us. I’m going to support the application, if it is successful, we will see“, said mayor Dieter Reiter.

The application documents for the Champions League final must be submitted by Friday at the European football Union UEFA. The decision on the venue of 2021 will be announced in may. The only competitor from Munich to St. Petersburg is, according to UEFA.

Munich was so far three times venue of the final match. In 1993, defeated Olympique Marseille, AC Milan in the Olympic stadium with 1:0. In 1997, Borussia Dortmund triumphed in the Olympic stadium with 3:1 against Juventus. In 2012, Bayern lost for the first time in the Allianz Arena held the final in a penalty shoot-out against Chelsea.

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