Behind the humanitarian façade of the children’s aid gets a whiff of the Nigerian army sinister machinations

In Nigeria, rumours have been even then, if the country is otherwise very good. If you ask any reasonable average citizen of the country, for example, according to his estimates, to the true men behind the terrorist group Boko Haram, then you will most in turn, the desert conspiracy to listen to theories. The politicians of their own country have fueled the conflict deliberately, say. Others say, British or American spies had instigated the conflict in the Secret. Both theories cannot be even begun to really prove it. However, both theories are also not nearly as absurd as the rumor that spread recently from representatives of the Nigerian army.

On the 14. December, the army continued in the short term, all of the operations of the UN children’s charity UNICEF in Nigeria. The accusation: The UNICEF have spies for Boko Haram. On the first moment of the interests of both organizations seem to apart gape. The UNICEF is saving children’s lives, the Boko Haram used children as human explosives. Still decorated generals are high on UNICEF have formed a “certain individuals for intelligence activities”. Spokesman for the armed forces added that it received “reliable information” that development agencies and non-government, have formed organizations from all over the world spies for Boko Haram.

the army put many innocent lives at risk

This story is so not credible that the army was already a few hours later, forced their Blockade of the UNICEF. The damage was done that time but already. By the disability (and implicit threat) of aid workers, the army put many innocent lives at risk. After a whole decade of conflict in the North-East of Nigeria, it is 1.8 million people who have fled still not possible, return to their homes. The supply of these internal refugees with food and other necessary goods is in many cases directly to the UN. More than 1.1 million people receive clean drinking water from the UNICEF projects.

The Nigerian army met the labourers in the North-East already for a long time with great skepticism. In the year 2017 dam generals while Governor of the state of Borno. This agreed to the establishment of a Committee set up to investigate whether “non-governmental organizations, have exploited the security challenges in the North East for their own profit motives”.

Soon, presidential elections are on

Some observers fear, however, that the generals values the work of the laborer is the only reason why, because they wanted to prevent the army of highly embarrassing information discharge from the areas of conflict. The army law in North-East Nigeria on a regular basis against the Nations, lost to battles with insurgents go often. Of such setbacks, aid workers know most rather than all the others. Often, the staff of UNICEF are even the only eye-witnesses who dare to speak the official government line of a impending victory to the public.

In February, the presidential elections are coming in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari, to stand for re-election, won in 2015, because he promised, in the North-East of the country hard to access. 17. December a spokesman for the army of the human rights organization Amnesty International, was threatened with the closure of their offices. They had driven the “destabilization” of Nigeria.

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