is wrong, he believe that the duration of unemployment benefits should be extended for older workers in the future in almost three years. Criticism was expressed by Schmidt but also on the “unemployment benefit Q” and to the intent of the minimum wage to 12 Euro to raise.

To justify said of the economy: The “long duration of unemployment benefit” was “a Problem” had been overcome with the “labour market reforms of the Agenda 2010”. Up until then, had been in need of “the all-too-often as a fairly adequate bridge in the pension miss”.

SPD is to sharpen with requirement for softening of Hartz IV, left profile

For an aging society, this seems “the wrong way,” said Schmidt, adding: “to Me, that the pain are experiences of the past, now completely forgotten, as the economic policy has still desperately sought after Because of a huge Base of long-term unemployment.”

The labour market reforms of Agenda 2010, had been decided under SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. The SPD aims to raise the call for a softening of Hartz IV, her left profile.

economy, refusing to “unemployment benefit Q”

the SPD Should be implemented-plans, forecasts Schmidt also negative consequences for the old-age pension: If the unemployment benefits will again be paid for longer, this could lead to “the retirement age is increasing less rapidly than the demographic change required”.

Also, the “unemployment benefit Q” rejected the economic. The should receive according to the will of the SPD in the future “those who have found after three months in ALG-I is not a new work”; for a claim to qualification is planned, so on training. The help must financially correspond to the amount of the unemployment benefit I, and then only half of the duration of unemployment benefit entitlement would, but for credit for the first twelve months.

“is not Good made mean equally well”

For Schmidt, is “not a compelling idea,” he advises to stay with the current arrangement: He does not think that much “of the performance of the employment agencies, tailored to the competencies of the employment search, the principle of promoting and demanding”. To do so, Schmidt, am also one of training. This System however, the SPD “on the head”, if you can do in the future, “new entitlements to a longer period outside the labour market”.

Schmidt also warned that the minimum wage to twelve euros to raise: “The past years have been a period of favourable economic conditions, but that need not remain so.” The evaluation, even at a height of 12 Euro, there would be no negative effects, he could not understand “in view of the effect of wage increases on employment – well warned Schmidt is meant to be not equal to good”.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Marietta Slomka Nahles takes in the defect and provides a common Schröder-question ak


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