“To the extreme right-wing members of the AfD

dear ladies and gentlemen,

a few days ago, an Interview I gave to the “time” appeared. In it I urged that the protection of the Constitution should observe the parts of the AfD. Because of this Statement I have received a number of angry responses from AfD supporters.

I don’t know if you share this anger. Maybe you are even worried about how strongly and how openly right-wing extremism occurring now in the AfD. But: I see nothing of this concern. I read that you oppose their extreme right-wing party of friends, ed. I hear you outlaw them, you show them the door, that you say them With you, we want to have nothing to do!

“It offends against human dignity”

the extreme Right are not Semites, only anti, Holocaust deniers and Skinhead PAL. Extreme right-also, not to raise the German people of a different origin, just because they are English. The cultural Superiority of Germans over other peoples claim. The of a Mr humanity of the German go down, and justifies it, Muslims or migrants in Germany, only inferior rights to grant you the ability to integrate. All of this violates the basic law. It is a violation of human dignity and the freedom of religion.

extreme Right-wing political enemies. You do not accept fundamental rights and absolutize their idea of English. So much So that they accuse the democratically elected representatives of our state is a betrayal of the people. With infamous and rampant rhetoric undermine confidence in parliamentary democracy.

“Also in the West-AfD of cancer”

rampant recently, the opinion of the constitutional protection on the AfD was known – it is the occasion for my Writing. You read it, it is shocking! Read the excerpts from Speeches, statements and books of their extreme right-wing party friends! You read of the poison, the spread the word to the leader of the “wing”, read, like thousands of AfD members cheer on the Kyffhäuser-Meeting to read how the cancer of right-wing extremism in their whole party has spread! And you can’t tell that this is a Problem of the East. Also in the West-AfD of cancer is rampant.

Since 1945, have respected all the social forces will always be a taboo: right-wing extremism is to be outlawed. The AfD is the first large organization that breaks this taboo. The AfD gives these people a Forum, you ladies and gentlemen, give these people a Forum in your party and in the parliaments. This is a shame!

“Why are you letting it?”

I have not highlighted in the time Interview that the majority of the AfD members are extreme right. To these members I write here: Why to let the extreme Right have you a home? You can tell your monstrosities open? That you Sully your party?

Who is silent, is complicit.

The right way would be to leave this party. But you don’t come to our party, the LKR. We don’t take them, because they were complicit.

I do not expect anyway that a lot of them will leave the AfD. But, you know, of course, that your political goals will be severely damaged, because they tolerate right-wing extremism. If you your concerns are important, you need to make in order for it to end!

“Break your Silence!”

The AfD had written once, “courage for the truth” on the banner. The Silence is now out of cowardice. You Break Your Silence! You break with right-wing extremists in the AfD! Out of limits you and ask you to leave your party.

party exclusion procedures are futile. The legal hurdles are. But you can make the Right-wing public. Enables you to extremists, a list with the names of all law and outlaw. You ask again and again for the party to exit. It will be a long list. If I may suggest you to start with a few names: Björn Höcke MdL, Hans-Thomas till Schneider, MdL, Andreas Kalbitz MdL, Markus glad Maier MdB, Christina tree, MdL, Jens Maier MdB, Wolfgang Gedeon MdL, Stefan Räpple, MdL, Thomas Seitz, MdB, Doris of SaynWittgenstein MdL, Damian Lohr MdB, Jörg Urban MdL …

If you don’t want to leave the AfD: Make order in its own house, by saying, at least where it stinks. Sometimes self-knowledge is the first step to improvement.


Prof. Dr. Bernd Lucke” About the guest author

The former CDU member Bernd Lucke is the founder of the party Alternative for Germany (AfD), and since 2014 member of the European Parliament. In July 2015, the Professor left the AfD and shortly thereafter founded the party LKR (originally ALFA). As a member of the European Parliament he is a member of the group of the European Conservatives and reformers (ECR) and the head of the delegation of the party of the Liberal-Conservative reformers (LKR).

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Seehofer check: Allow AfD to be members of the officials?


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