Matthias him and Ruby O. Fee, show up at Berlinale-Party

Tuesday, 12. February, 01.56 PM: Matthias Schweighöfer (37) and actress Ruby O. Fee (23) have been shown on Monday evening at a Party for the Berlinale. They posed for photographers. Schweighöfer, the actress gave a kiss on the cheek. In the past few days, they had done a relationship rumors with a couple of photo self-feed. Both published on Thursday a picture on Instagram that shows them together on the back seat of a car: a Fairy is in his arms. Both posted a red heart Emoji.

The “image”newspaper quoted him with the words: “Now they all know, now it’s back to the normal Instagram life.” Fee was “just a sweetheart”. Together, they were not pulled yet.

The actor, singer and producer had made at the end of January, the separation from his partner Ani Schromm open to the public. They had already been separated for over a year, there is a new love in his life. Fairy was born in Costa Rica and was in movies such as “Bibi and Tina” and “When we were dreaming”. Finally, you stand for the Netflix Thriller “Polar” with Mads Mikkelsen in front of the camera.

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