the explosive device is currently in no danger, and he is continuously guarded. The preparations for the defusing, for the necessary evacuations, is the lock necessary traffic and diversions are in full swing. In the case of the bomb it is a British bomb, with a weight of 500 kilograms. It has two detonators and depth of the vertical is about 2 meters in the ground. Of the explosive body is currently exposed and, accordingly, secured. The exact investigation may begin only after completion of the evacuation. After communication from the specialist to the local company for explosive ordnance disposal, the mitigation must occur on-site. For the safety of the population is to be set to the location around a safety zone with a Radius of 700 meters. Parts of Obertraubling, low traubling and Neutraubling, and a total of about 1000 persons are affected. The use of force by the police, the fire and rescue service will start on Tuesday, 12.02.2019, from 09.00 am, with the evacuation of the affected area. With the completion of the evacuation, the mitigation is begun. This is expected to be in the early afternoon. There are extensive transport measures. From 09.00 am the B15 in the direction of the industrial area North from the Herbert-Quandt is locked in the North-West-Allee. The delivery of traffic to BMW-South gate, which is located outside of the danger radius, it remains possible. In the West and in the southwest of the Piesenkofener road and the Landshut road and the B15 remains passable. The Walhalla road is blocked in a southerly direction from the southern bypass. In the East traubling is locked in Down the chard Inger street from the entrance to the town. With traffic in and around Obertraubling, as well as on the diversion routes can be expected. The movement of trains along the railway line Regensburg-Munich is set for the time to defuse. The station Obertraubling will travel to 13.35 PM and will be locked from then on.

This post is provided by: Bayer. State Ministry of the interior. An editorial review by FOCUS Online has not taken place.

Bayer. State Ministry of the interior


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