“Objectively wrong”: Seehofer goes on de Maizière los

Monday, 11. February, 11.38 PM: the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer has criticized the representations of his predecessor, Thomas de Maizière the course of the refugee crisis in the autumn of 2015 as incorrect and the CDU-politician at the same time, indirectly, a bad style accused.

He knew the book, although not in the Original, but the illustrations de Maizières, as they have been widely used in news reports are “objectively wrong,” said the former CSU chief of the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Tuesday edition). “The messages reflect the things wrong,” added Seehofer.

he wanted to say, – said Seehofer. “It is not part of the good style that a sitting Minister of a rating of the policies of his predecessor, publicly,” he said. “The Reverse is also advisable,” he added.

De Maizière had claimed in the book “Governance”, among other things, that the Bavarian local politicians did not want to send, in the autumn of 2015, immediately refugees without registration, in order for you to stay with them in the community. Seehofer was at this time, the Bavarian Prime Minister.

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