Olly Murs is living proof that you don’t need to be first, in order to have success. In 2009, he reached the British casting show “The X Factor” in the second place – truly world-wide fame to him was still safe. On his new Album, he gives the Fans what they want: the old Hits and new music. In an Interview with the star, 34, reveals-Year-old, why casting shows are so fascinating, as is his love life and talks about the broken relationship with his twin brother.

Mr Murs, bring it on 9. November her new Album “You Know I Know” out of it. What can you expect of your Fans?

My Album is like an Energy Drink. There are also two ballads on it, the so-called “sad bangers”. But even these songs are positive. I wanted to make this Album something New, get out of my comfort zone. “You Know I Know” is a double album – two for the price of one. On the one hand, all the pieces that you already know (“Troublemaker”, “Dance With Me Tonight”), and on the other CD of new Songs, so far, only I know.

you also get prominent support, including from Snoop Dogg, for the Single “Moves”.

That was great. He heard the Song and found it immediately great. I haven’t met him, unfortunately, for the recording, but it is, as a life-long dream come true – Snoop “Doggy” Dogg on my Album. Of which every artist is dreaming of.

they were at the time, the Second at the casting show “X Factor”. Now, your PAL Robbie Williams is, together with his wife Ayda, as a judge there. Have you already looked in?

so far, I have only seen excerpts. I love Robbie and he makes sure of that great. But we are competitors! I am a Coach on “The Voice”. Robbie and I are TV rivals.

Why are casting shows, still so fascinating?

It is simply good television. People want to find the next big Star, “the next big thing”. In addition, you want to know how we will be assessed by experts of the talents. And the spectators always want to see again, like someone is transforming the whole of life and glory. You don’t have to win, as you can see me, or One Direction.

you have spoken in the past, often about your love life – right now you are Single, or?

I’m Single, very happy. But to go on Dates to meet someone who is very much harder than in the past. Especially in England, everyone knows me. I can’t appeal to any girls on the street, and Blind Dates have little meaning.

What do you think of Dating Apps? There are also what are for celebrities.

I was on a Dating App, but that wasn’t for me. The women I met that just were not me.

“Oxford Circus” to the dispute triggered a panic in London – Olly Murs makes for confusion

you Could not be with someone who is famous and the life style that is not familiar with?

Nobody understands how it is for me, if he has not experienced it yourself. To be in the spotlight very much afraid. It is consistently paranoid: What the press writes, how you will be assessed? The track is of course a big challenge.

you have a very close relationship to your mother and your sister – how important is your opinion about a potential new girlfriend?

My mother has to like the Person I am. In the best case, my family loves her as much as I do.

The relationship to your twin brother Ben, however, has suffered since the beginning of her career. It was then called, he had been mad because they would have had, due to work commitments no time for him.

It was clear from the beginning that something would change. I never thought that it would be to stand on in the limelight for once. But I never expected that Ben and I would no longer talk to each other. It is a pity that we have no more contact. But I can’t change it. Maybe someday we will find each other again. We haven’t spoken in ten years.

twins usually have a very close connection. It feels as if a part of them would be missing?

Yeah, maybe so. My life has changed so dramatically and quickly that I was almost accustomed to that he is not a part of it. But I miss him anyway.


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