Arron Hough, according to “Miami Herald” performers of the musical “Grease” on Board the ship. In a statement, the cruise company announced that Hough will not be published on Tuesday for work. The ship’s crew members had checked the Material of the security cameras and found that Hough was taken at around 4 o’clock in the morning, from cameras to Deck 5. Then he was no more to discover.

drove To this point in time, the “Harmony of the Seas Maarten” from her home port of Fort Lauderdale to the first Station of the seven-day Caribbean trip, the island of St. 267 miles of the Puerto Rican coast, Hough should have gone overboard.

As the British “The Sun” reported, is looking for a military aircraft type HC-130 Hercules to the crew member, the coastguard is alerted.

“We’re all praying for Arron”

According to the newspaper, Hough’s only been this year for the cruise company “Royal Caribbean”, before he had his degree at the London theatre school “Urdang Academy”. In a Tweet, the school States: “We are all praying for Arron and his family. Please keep the hope and Faith that he is healthy and as quickly as possible.”

The company is Hough’s family have also made a Team of pastors to the side. In a Statement from Royal Caribbean said, according to “The Sun”: “We are thoughts in this difficult time with our and Prayers are with his family”.

Arron Hough is the fifth Person since the end of November from a cruise ship of the Board.

case Küblböck: Prosecutor describes what the surveillance video of the Aida before his Disappearance shows FOCUS Online/Glomex “Person quickly to the railing”: Prosecutor describes surveillance video of the Aida sleigh,


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