of The 3. January is for the 66-year-old in U.S. cities since the tragic skiing accident of the seven-time world champion by the end of 2013, a date that a lot of coincides: sorrow, pain, and hope for a positive future for his Idol, and his son Mick. A telephone interview with a true Schumi Fan.

FOCUS Online: Mr Ferling, what this day means to you?

Ferling: of Course, this is something very Special. Clearly nostalgia, with swinging, but you have to celebrate this day, which will see Michael with safety.

FOCUS Online: Now is the day of the Skiunglücks, the 29 slopes. December, and the birthday of Schumacher are close together, in mourning, in the day and celebrating at the other?

Ferling: Well, Yes, first of all, you mainly think of the Positive. As the sounds of the start ends of cars, or as Michael the air jump in his first world championship full. Then, the radiant Smile, the seven world championship titles, the float Victory. Sometimes you let some of the race to reminisce. And then it is time to look forward. The whole point of rehab-therapy, the completed Michael, we hope that these measures will lead to success. But people should leave him and his family alone so he can recover. For us Fans it is, of course, difficult to hope. Sometimes you think Yes, then what happened five years ago when skiing.

FOCUS Online: What are your thoughts shoot one through the head?

Ferling: Sometimes I have to swallow already. I myself have overcome cancer and I know what it means to be seriously ill. Sometimes it is at odds with the fate of Michael, and asks questions: is it necessary?

If it had happened in a formula 1 race, neither of them said anything. The racing is dangerous. But sometimes you find even in small things of comfort. Two years ago, we changed our name to Michael and Mick-Schumacher-Fanclub. The son of the racing seems to have the genes of his father inherited. Even if he is still young and it should be build carefully, so I’m sure that he will go his way – at the end of up in the formula 1.

FOCUS Online: How do you celebrate that today, specifically, the 50. of Michael Schumacher?

Ferling: An Acquaintance of mine was a radio presenter on Gran Canaria, departs from 14 p.m. a one-hour special broadcast in honor of Michael. Then there is a big bash someone’s having in the Köpi-corner in Playa del Ingles, with the hosts Fabi and Rudi, also known as the “Canary Billy goats”. An author holds a speech in honor of the birth of a child. Then a car is auctioned grams card of the Mick Schumacher for a charitable purpose. And then the Party really starts. Dat iss carnival pure.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex wife Corinna has been posting on Facebook message

FOCUS Online: How do you feel, as a Schumi Fan to this day?

Ferling: Emotional sheer joy there is for me, first of all, the 50. to be able to Michael to celebrate. I think that his family will celebrate with him at home in Switzerland. And you do that also.

FOCUS Online: How did you learn five years ago, of the tragic Skiunglück?

Ferling: it was really weird. As the Rhine countries, it is on Sundays for brunch. But as he told me a man had better run times. The advice I have followed. The news in the Online media languages from a skiing accident. First of all, I’ve thought that Michael had broken something. Only gradually it became clear, that dramatic happened. His life was temporarily on the Dump. Then I fell in love with the idea to enter the Internet, a campaign by the Fans. You should us the desires of letters, packages, recovery, caps with dedication, T-Shirts, banners or anything else to send and we hang these things on the fence of the Michael Schumacher Kart-center in Kerpen. Finally, Schumi began his great international career.

On the fence Ferling was a message to the family

FOCUS Online: How the call came?

Ferling: The response was incredible: The broadcasts from Russia, China, North America, met. Almost from countries all over the memorabilia and good wishes reached us. Every day I went to Kerpen and I hung these parts to the so-called “fence of hope”. But at some point the things were gone. On the fence is a message that the family Schumacher expressed his thanks sincerely but hung. These things now hang in the Kart-Center “wall of hope”. Then of July 2014, the Michael out of the coma. It was worth it to hope.

FOCUS Online: What drives to engage in such a Fanclub of a racer

Ferling: it’s Very simple. Before my early retirement I worked at the Post office. As also colleagues from Kerpen-Manheim were hoping that swarmed the beginning of the 90s of the new German formula 1. Because it was Schumi here and Schumi. And then the year 1994, when Michael with the Benetton team for the first Time became the champion of the world. From then on, I was easy to be infected. It has since made simply click. In the year 2000, for example, I am the Grand-Prix to Malaysia travelled.

Shortly thereafter, we made it to Bali holiday, because I bought a cone-shaped Reishut. At home I build a carpenter instructs a Socket on it with a huge Schumacher-figure, model racing cars, in addition to speakers colored red. Finally, I let me a Sarong, a sort of beach dress for men, with the emblems of the former Scuderia Ferrari to make. Later in Thailand I had a red suit, a dovetail, cutters with specially embroidered Ferrari Logo on the jacket. There’s a cylinder on the head and finished. Six years ago, then I took over the club presidency. And that makes me happy: Once a Fan always a Fan.

FOCUS Online: Why is Michael Schumacher and not, for example Ex-FC-Pro Lukas Podolski?

Ferling: Ok, I’m also a die-hard FC fans. Already the first words as a child were always Effzeh. But Michael came directly from our area around Kerpen. Schumi was also often seen on the Kart track of his family, became also the time, as he had long been number 1 in racing. I often am on Thursdays there. And if the huge estate car, you could be sure that Michael arrived at the weekend. And then you could see him in the flesh.

FOCUS Online: what is your biggest desire to Schumis birthday?

Ferling: The Club is planning for the next Hockenheim-Grand Prix of great action. Michael is still a member of the 1. FC Köln. And we still have the Banner from January 2014, in which we wish in front of the Bundesliga match of FC against FC Schalke 04 with the help of football fans Schumi a speedy recovery. At the time, both Teams have worn the Banner over the place. It was a moving Moment. Then, the giant banner was circulated to a number of Rennkursen as Spa-Franco Champs, Spain, to Hockenheim, the Fans were able to sign. Meanwhile, the red strip of cloth carries two and a half thousand signatures. I would give this Banner like at the celebrity football match before the next formula 1 race at the Hockenheimring at the end of July, the Eleven of Mick Schumacher.

FOCUS Online: Why did you hang it in your own Fanzimmer?

Ferling: The thing is 13 feet long, I can’t hang with me on the wall, because then there is Trouble at home.

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex, The chronology since the Ski accident in the year 2013


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