“This is really a great honor, I must play the main role in a Saturday night movie, wow,” said may of the “image”-newspaper. “Because I still have the jitters in front of the actors, but I have Yes, thank God, some actor-friends who can coach me.” The filming should begin in the spring.

Fischer played three years ago on the side of Til Schweiger (55) in the Hamburg “Tatort” is called “The great pain”, a Russian contract killer. About Corn’s role, nothing was known.

The musician from the vicinity of Stuttgart wants to produce in this year and the addition of new Songs in Nashville, natural cosmetics collection on the market and in the autumn Tour. “If it is not at all in 2019, plans to much, also enough Songs for a whole Album, maybe.”

In the PCP’s widow, Daniela Büchner posts emotional Video of pk/dpa


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