Mr Hitzfeld, BVB will have to do without against Tottenham on his captain and impeller Marco Reus. What changes would be possible, how can you be From the field?

Ottmar Hitzfeld: “Dortmund is the pure existence of the substance in the situation at Tottenham. Favre is a tactician who will adjust his team accordingly, that you act a little more compact and try to come to a quick counterattack to success. Have you practiced in the Bundesliga. The loss of Reus is of course difficult, because he is the best offensive player. This was also shown in recent Games that there’s something missing the element of Surprise and, of course, the callousness in front of goal.”

One that could fill in the tens Position from Reus, Mario Götze. Its development after overcoming an illness is remarkable, especially physically. It can be a kind of “secret weapon”?

Hitzfeld: “Mario Götze has taken a very good development and has also found the self-confidence that you see on the court. Now he is required, of course, still more, because he stands as a service provider in the field of view, and much depends on his performance. I wouldn’t put it past him, whether he plays forward or not.”

recharge Is this game not even the perfect Chance of even more self-confidence?

Hitzfeld: “of Course, such games in the Champions League are in the field of view of the whole of Europe and if you can there are also at Tottenham and a good game makes, then the colors, of course, the Bundesliga in the next Play.”

Hitzfeld: Dortmund must of Tottenham’s pace is not a surprise

With Dele Alli and Harry Kane will be the absence of Tottenham Hotspur arguably two of their best players. Are crack the English easier?

Hitzfeld: “it is Important that there is no open conflict. Tottenham is already weakened, because Kane is not replaceable. A player like he does in almost every game a goal. The team is more confident on the court when he plays. Ultimately it is a question that Dortmund Tottenham will not be surprised by the pace, because English teams play, especially in the initial phase an incredible pace.”

act of Dortmund, therefore, rather hesitant in directly or even accents?

Hitzfeld: “As already mentioned, Dortmund will try to be compact. It is very important that Tottenham get the rooms. In the case of an open slugfest Dortmund would be at a disadvantage, because to come Tottenham’s Strengths more, and that would be playing into the cards. This makes Lucien Favre but also happy at home: He’s trying to compactness, to be able to own a weapon, the speed with Sancho, Guerreiro and Philip to play.”

goalkeeper Roman Bürki is from the beating of last season, the boys ascended to the secure retention, has reached a new Level. How did he manage that? The obligation of Marvin Hitz as the counterparty may have been a factor?

Hitzfeld: “I’m happy for Roman Bürki, that he showed it to his critics. He is one of the best Keeper of the Bundesliga. Bürki is an essential support of the BVB and he has developed as the whole team confidence with a good Start in the Bundesliga. The Transfer of Heat has definitely played a role, especially against a country man to remain the number one. Hitz is also a good second goalkeeper, because he has a good character and never publicly claims. He is fully integrated in the team, this is important.”

“, A 3:0 forfeit? A horror scenario for the team and coach,”

the two setbacks for the young BVB-squad Are in the Cup final against Bremen in the League against Hoffenheim only on the Absence of key players, Reus?

Hitzfeld: “Against Bremen, the unhappy. Marco Reus is always score a goal, because you have better cards, but you can do it only on Reus. You had the chances, and against Bremen, the one or the other goal to little shot. The opportunity evaluation was not good, it has failed to decide the game.

And against Hoffenheim, it has played offensively very well. You can also say that the 4:0 was in the air, then it would have been for Hoffenheim, but in the end, you may also no three more goals, conceding in the last quarter of an hour. This is a horror scenario for both the players and coaches, but the football. There are such situations, which can be explained also as a coach after the game.”

Was against Hoffenheim may be the Lack of Lucien Favre on the side line a crucial point?

Hitzfeld: “Yes, it can be crucial. It is the sum of the various events. Favre as a Coach feels the game even more, when he stands down at the edge of the field, as if he sees it only on TV. Because you can take as a coach, intuitive, much more influence. It has a lot more sense.”

FC Bayern is in the Bundesliga, only five points behind Dortmund – BVB now nervous?

Hitzfeld: “There is no reason for it. To play a draw at home to Dortmund, not throws. But you must not let the distance become smaller. The game in Munich is meaningful for the further course, this is like a final If the BVB in Munich in may, will run for the championship in Dortmund. This is a very important duel, but one should not lose his points.

You have to wait for the next League game, if the 3:3 has left against Hoffenheim tracks. It is just a difficult Phase for Dortmund, because it is totally required. All are required, but since the team is back together. You have a difficult opponent, but Dortmund is still the favorite against Tottenham.”

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