programming error could lead, in rare cases, the pacemaker of the heart interprets the impulses wrong and not work any more. For most patients this is not a Problem, said Franke the NDR. As a safety precaution, all patients with the Medtronic would have to be controlled pacemaker. Franke speaks of the largest recall action in the field of cardiology.

Software-Update required

In most cases, this is likely a Software Update is sufficient, so that the device is working again error-free, says Franke, according to NDR. Only in a few cases, surgery was required. When the Update rolls out, is still unclear.

Medtronic believes that it can be delivered in the second half of the year, such as a security information of the manufacturer, from January 2019.

the pacemaker of the brands Adapta, Versa, Relia, SOA IC., Sphera, and Vitatron are Affected by the error. How many patients are affected by the recall, according to the NDR information.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Günther Jauch criticized the ARD and the ZDF


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