“What are you at work?” and “What inspires you in this Position?” – these questions are classics in the interview. Is not set, namely, only those who can demonstrate the necessary qualifications for a Job. Rather, you need to be as a candidate is also exceptionally motivated and a high level of performance.

But how do you convince the recruiter that you are the right Person for the Job? We have compiled tips on how you can position yourself well, and which answers in persona learning is being well received.

drive is used is more important than ambition

Often, formulations such as “I like me.” or “Professional successes push me forward, I would like to make a career.” because applicants are of the opinion, therefore, particularly committed to work-motivated.

A recent study by two US-American management researchers, however, shows that a simple answer such as “to Me my work is fun.” may well be the best. Kaitlin Woolley and Ayelet Fishbach found in their study that it impresses recruiters tend to, when people go out of intrinsic Motivation to work – so from the internal drive to make your work. the

A couple of phrases and formulations are better than others. In any case, you should make statements that suggest that you “just need a Job”. The Person

Christian Umbs, Managing Director at Robert Half. For over 15 years, he is there to ensure that the appropriate employees and employers find each other.

Real fire instead of halbgarer truths

self-motivation plays an important role. But how do you communicate these to the best authentic and convincing? If you want the Job primarily for the money or security, probably not.

on the question of Motivation, you can score the best with openness and a natural enthusiasm and differentiates it from competitors. However, it is not always easy to find the right words for how motivated you are. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2019 remains So much net them by the gross

If you don’t stand fully behind your statement, you not authentic and a good recruiter will not look fast, that you tell the truth. Therefore, you should take a look in advance extensively with the issue, why are you burning exactly for this Job, what inspires you, and why you are the company you want to work.

A good way to approach the answer, are questions of little Help, such as: What is important to me in life, for which I am or where I invest the most heart-blood? These aspects and properties, as well as private life on the Job: If you make, for example, a team sport, is a team’s ability is probably one of your Strengths that you can call in the conversation.

in order to confirm for yourself why you want the Job and why he fits well with them. Because it is both a matter of what you like to do, but also about what you’re good at. May real Strengths and talents can not discover you before.

The good news is that There is no wrong answer

there is, Finally, in the interview at the question of Motivation no wrong answers. It is only important that you remain honest. You should not try desperately to construct a response, in which they assume that the recruiters want to hear. PDF The TOP employer in 2019

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another tip: to Associate your answers with specific examples from your previous professional experience. This may look like this:

“I am filled with Pride when I have mastered a challenge. This motivates me to take on new tasks to tackle. Because I had at my current employer day-to-day business quickly and well, and I was able to take on special tasks.“

in order To point out that you can bring passion and Motivation for the Job and demonstrate this with an example from your everyday life. If you show the hiring Manager what your heart, then you can go in the interview, nothing more wrong.

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