forecasts for sales this year did not want to give Dettmann. In 2017, approximately 650 tons were sold. “It was in the summer, week long, very hot, and in some of the ponds had no water,” he said. Some of the companies had to fish out ahead of time, and the animals in other bodies of water to implement.

on Average, the fish in this year of between 1.5 and 2 kilograms on the scale. More and more customers are looking for, according to information from Dettmann, meanwhile, that the fish are not sold, only except, you want to take filleted to take home. Be offered to the carp at the weekly markets in the state of Brandenburg, in fish stores, and directly from the fishermen.

In Brandenburg there are about 25 fishing businesses. You will manage approximately 3750 hectares of ponds, especially in the Region Peitz, one of the largest carp areas in Brandenburg.



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