The German government is swimming in money: In the year 2018, the Federal government, States and municipalities have collected incredible 746,7 billion euros in taxes, as a “Statista” determined. About 28.6 billion Euro – this sum the Federal government to the European Union. The total amount is 775,3 billion euros, or in the cut at 9340 euros per Federal citizen . According to Statista forecast, the total sum is increasing by the year 2023 on 940,7 billion euros – a Plus of 21 percent .

Germany is an immense, expensive social welfare system

However, the German state needs the tax revenue to the ever more expensive welfare system to Finance.

Because although every year hundreds of billions of euros flow contributions in the statutory health and pension insurance, must be based on the state of the social systems with high tax subsidies. In the year 2017, the total was value of all social benefits in Germany 965,5-billion-Euro . The lush, 3.9 percent more than in 2016, as the Federal labor told the Ministry.

Alone, the tax subsidy to the statutory pension insurance reached in 2018, almost € 94 billion . In 2021, he should climb to 103.4 billion – a Plus of smooth ten percent. The source of these dizzying Figures is absolutely reliable: the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The reasons for the inexorable rise in the tax subsidies are numerous, not least about the mothers ‘ pension II, was cost-prohibitive.

To add the pensions-grants> pensions , whose value reached in the year 2017, approximately 57.7 billion euros, still

  • had to the continued payment of wages in case of illness: 52,1 billion
  • basic security for job-seekers: 45 billion
  • social help (Hartz IV/Arbeitslosengeld II, and subsistence): 40 billion.

This was reported by the “ärzte Zeitung”, based on data from the year 2017.

The list of expensive spending programmes could be extended endlessly. This is also a Post, of the millions of married couples will benefit: the spouse-Splitting. In the year 2017, the tax incentives for marriage in the German state of 15 billion euros, as the German Institute for economic research (DIW) in 2017 in a study determined.

mother complains in the TV-Talk: “for tax purposes it is more useful, pig raising” FOCUS Online/Wochit mother accuses the TV-Talk: “for tax purposes, it is useful pig OECD to raise”-study: Germany is a country with a high tax rate

The outlined relationships mean that Germany occupies in the Ranking of the countries with high social security contributions and expenditure on an unattractive front seat. An unmarried employee without children had to deliver an average 49.4% to the state. The discovered a study by the OECD, for the year 2016. In a European comparison, only Belgium allows its unmarried workers even more bleeding. The comparison of the 35 OECD countries showed that For a single person without children the tax margin of seven per cent of the labour costs in Chile to 54 percent in Belgium.

could the above-mentioned state, German social expenditure, another big Post coming: Recently, the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD), presented his project of a basic state pension. Thus, all workers should be subsidized with low old-age pension in retirement. The only requirement according to the plans: A beneficiary must prove 35 years of contribution payments in the statutory pension insurance. Healing, think of a state increase of up to 447 euros per month and pensioners. The ambitious project would of course be for free. The renowned pension expert Bernd Raffelhüschen quantified in an interview with FOCUS Online, the annual Extra burden on up to 20 billion euros.

The German state’s fleecing of millions of citizens, and distributed the money to to make it clear: The German state’s fleecing of millions of citizens in order to promote, in a comprehensive redistribution of numerous beneficiaries.

This sometimes leads to unwanted results. The “Handelsblatt” reported by a highly qualified part-time working scientist, the more disposable income, if they would work less .

The reason for this absurd circumstance: The researcher would receive a lower gross income are entitled to housing benefit grants. Vice versa, the means: the elimination of the potential social power of the researcher available income with more work . In this case, the state of the provisions of the brakes, the Engagement of citizens. This can hardly be the intention of the legislator.

content check: gross-to-net calculator 2019 remains So much net them by the gross

As a collapse of the system prevented?

critics of the above, and speak therefore of a “paternalism Republic of Germany”, as the “Handelsblatt”article employers’ President Ingo Kramer quotes. Other experts make in-depth thought to the issues.

The British welfare state expert Nicholas Barr argues, according to the report, to organize the welfare state so that it causes as little as possible lack of incentives . Barr wants all state-funded programs must apply: anyone Who works longer hours, has to benefit from it. Who is supplying private for his age, needs to be rewarded.

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head of Ifo, and Top Economist Clemens Fuest criticized in February 2018, the Grand coalition had set in its government agreement, the wrong priorities. Instead of “existing state spending, such as subsidies in question”, the Federal government, the “existing money is abundant and with the watering can”. The use of large billions will make a difference with this approach is not very, Fuest.

elsewhere, the head of Ifo, called as a reason for expensive mistakes There are to many “transfer expenditures that go to people who are really in need”.

in the Meantime, the money sits at the Federal government quite so loose. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz complained recently about billion in gaps in the Federal budget by the year 2023. Well possible that the Grand coalition must soon advise about how you can mitigate the cost of the welfare state. A good starting point would be the countless funds precisely as possible.

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