The referendum, the diversity of species is shortly before the finish line: Three days prior to the end of the registration deadline to this Wednesday have contributed to the high bills of the initiators of around 900 000 people. Only just over 50 000 signatures are omitted. Necessary to a holding of ten percent of all election parties in Bavaria. “We really have a big tailwind,” said the Officer of the people’s desire, Agnes Becker (ÖDP), on Monday in Munich. In light of the continuing onslaught in the town halls, neither the initiators nor the state government doubt that the hurdle is taken. In order for everything to run on a referendum.

Söder wants to Alternatively design

to submit The petition focuses on several Changes in the Bavarian nature conservation act. Biotopes should be better networked, riparian strips more protected, and the ecological cultivation is to be expanded.

Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has responded to the expected success: He announced a round table and a comprehensive law for the more nature – and species protection. This he intends to submit regardless of the outcome of people’s desire to early summer.

Indeed, Söder is with his announcement under pressure. Because if the Parliament is the people’s desire not be the same to implement (what will the black-and-orange coalition), it comes inevitably to a referendum. Then all of the election are eligible to the Initiative vote. The Parliament has the possibility, to the people an Alternative draft to the vote – this is Söders Plan.

“We fight to the 13. February, in the evening,”

the initiators of The people’s desire confirmed that they were always ready to talk. The measuring stick should be the draft law of the people’s desire. “Underneath, we will not go,” said Greens parliamentary leader Ludwig Hartmann. Even more types of protection and even more conservation you can talk to but always.

Who wants to participate in the referendum, you can enter up to Wednesday in the signature lists in the city halls. “We will fight until the 13. February, in the evening,” said Becker. Every voice counts, stressed all the initiators, including the Federal nature conservation and the land Covenant for the protection of birds. Because the more people participate, the more you will be able to do at the end.

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