the “RBB”. Affected all parties in the Bundestag except for the AfD. Only gradually, as the scale of the Mega-Hacks. According to the information of the info radios the large amounts of published personal data and documents via Twitter. The owner of the said Twitter account describes himself with terms such as Security, Researching, artists, Satire and irony.

The Chairman of the CDU/CSU members of the European Parliament, Daniel Caspary, warned against jumping to conclusions. FOCUS Online he said: “Probably the Whole thing is played with a political Background. Therefore, you should ignore such data packets, in the ideal case completely.” It is the biggest restraint was needed. “You don’t know what is real and what is Fake, to harm a targeted person or the System,” says Caspary to FOCUS Online.

Merkel Hack

affected is what is the Motivation behind the publications, it is still unclear, politically sensitive documents, however, were not shown. Among the victims was also Federal President of Germany, Steinmeier is, according to a report the “Bild”newspaper. From the mass publication adhere to sensitive data on the Internet, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is affected. In the data set, a Fax number, appear, among other things, an E-mail address, and several letters from and to the Chancellor. How sensitive the information is, remained open in the first place. The Federal office for security checks the case now, as the authority announced.

Green-chief Habeck hitting it particularly hard,

Of the parties concerned, especially the Union: Here, data from a total of 405 members of Parliament from the Bundestag, the EU Parliament or in the country were published. In the case of the SPD it 294’ve met in the Green 105 in the left party 82 and the FDP 28 politicians.

Green-chief Robert Habeck had been a large part of his exchange with the family stolen. Also private messages from SPD General Secretary, Lars Klingbeil and Ex-party leader Sigmar Gabriel had been captured.

“I’m pretty shocked,”

maybe the Hacker got an E-Mail program to access the sensitive data. The Hack affected SPD Bundestag Deputy, Florian Post stated, not all the data are real: “It is a fake file, at least. It’s not mine, it was sent to me, and I haven’t saved,” says Post. This will be shown in the lists as its file. Other information are genuine, so, for example, account statements had been published of him. “We feel powerless, I’m pretty shocked”.

Some celebrities are among the Main victims: From satirist Jan böhmermann and Moderator Oliver Welke circulating on the Internet private, personal and confidential information about you, such as phone numbers, addresses of children and spouse.. Christian Ehring, host of the satirical show “extra-3”, was hit particularly hard by the attack, as the newspaper writes further: more Than three gigabytes of data had been stolen, including photos from the holiday. 33 journalists were affected by the attack – especially the employees of ARD and ZDF. By ARD journalists vaccination certificates, passports and driver’s are to inspect tickets, as the “Rehinische Post”.

extent of the Hacker attack is evaluated

the Leaks were Distributed prior to Christmas via Twitter. According to the “daily news” published an Account, which exists since 2017 and is part of an Internet platform, whose operator is located in Hamburg, in a sort of advent calendar again and again data.

Including scanned ID cards, news from the family circle, letters, or invoices.

The group’s leadership in the Bundestag learned according to the news portal, on Thursday evening from the hackers attack. Currently, the extent will be evaluated. Best offer on

poll shock for SPD: AfD holt social Democrats in Brandenburg with a FOCUS Online/Wochit survey sees the SPD in Brandenburg to only 20 percent – on par with AfD


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